The Coast Tag

I’ve been tagged by Claire from Everywhere You Look to get in on the coast tag action. Here goes…

1. What’s your favourite beach?
Ah, even the first question is a toughie! I grew up on Longrock beach and it is likely the beach my son will grow up on too but I’m also rather fond of Sennen, Porthminster and Fistral (pizza, cider and ice cream right on the beach!).

the stable newquay

2. Sea or sand?
I’m not the kind of person to just sit on the beach all day; I like to be doing something. So as long as there’s no jellyfish, basking sharks or seaweed/little fish getting between my toes, I’m all about the sea.

3. Tell a memory of being by the sea.
I’m Cornish born and raised (except my first year at uni) so most of my favourite memories are based by the sea. You can’t beat summer evenings on the beach with a BBQ.

4. What’s your favourite seaside food?
Ice cream!

5. Favourite ice cream flavour?
You can’t beat a Jelberts ice cream (large tub with cream and a flake) but I’m also quite partial to fruity rather than chocolatey flavours – lemon meringue pie, sherry trifle, raspberry pavlova, apple pie and cream… I normally have to have two or three scoops.

ice cream in st ives

6. Have you lived by the sea?
Always. And Longrock beach is right opposite our new house!

7. Favourite place on the coast?
Cornwall – wouldn’t be anywhere else! More specifically, where I’m living now. You can’t beat these walks/views.

st michaels mount

I’ve discovered so many amazing Cornish blogs lately and it’s great to be a part of the action. I tag the rest of y’all to blog about your coastal faves:
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Briar Rose
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