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Friday Favourites #50

Despite another busy week at work, a few early nights and the weather taking a bit of a turn, I've spent the last week so grateful to live and work in such a lovely part of the world. Take a look at some of my highlights from the last week. Lunch in Porthleven Last weekend… Continue reading Friday Favourites #50

Portminster Beach, St Ives
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Friday Favourites #42

It's that time of the week again: here's a look at what I've been loving over the last seven days. Well Sunday was bleddy lovely. We went out for lunch for my dad's birthday and it just so happened to be The Cornish Barn's last Sunday roast of the season - timing! And sooo tasty.… Continue reading Friday Favourites #42

a sunny afternoon in Mousehole, Cornwall
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A sunny afternoon in Mousehole

After all my moaning last Friday about not doing fun things with Jenson, I soon remembered that there's plenty of fun to be had for no money - when the weather is good. I spent the Bank Holiday weekend ticking 'playing on the beach' and 'picnic in the park' off my summer bucket list and… Continue reading A sunny afternoon in Mousehole

Dinner at The Alverton, Truro
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Friday Favourites #14

If you've been reading my blog for the last week or so you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm a bit of a social butterfly. Last week I had a mums' night out and me and Luke have managed two date nights in the space of four days. Woah! Nights out are like buses as a… Continue reading Friday Favourites #14

my life in photos: july 2016
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My life in photos: July 2016

Looking back through my July photos reminded me what a sociable little bugger I was for a few weeks! Whodda thunk it? I managed to squeeze in a mums' night out, date night and family day out, as well as the usual coffee drinking, flower smelling and Netflix binges. Here's a look at my July… Continue reading My life in photos: July 2016

jenson and luke on the beach
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Friday Favourites #8

Happy weekend y'all! Me and Luke have our family weekends Thursday-Friday because of our work schedules, so it feels like mine is coming to an end as yours is a beginning but, as last weekend proved, that doesn't mean you can't still have fun (see point three below). Here's what I've loved in the last… Continue reading Friday Favourites #8


There’s No Place Like Home: West Cornwall

Today I'm launching a new monthly feature called There's No Place Like Home. So many of my favourite magazines highlight international cities but I want to focus on what we love about our own home towns. How many of us can realistically afford to jet off to far off lands on a whim? It's time… Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home: West Cornwall

song of the sea arch, nanjizal beach

Exploring Cornwall: Nanjizal Beach

I can remember going to an amazing beach when I was younger, about 12 or so (so we're talking a good 14 years ago). It was the kind of beach that you saw on holiday programmes, with golden sand and perfectly clear water - definitely not the kind of place you think you'd find in… Continue reading Exploring Cornwall: Nanjizal Beach