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Follow Friday #31

Most nights Jenson goes to bed around 7.30, so I’ve been lucky enough to blag some quality blog writing and reading time this week. Here’s a round up of some of my fave posts.

follow friday


Ahhhh, Christmas is sooo close! Not finished (or started?!) your Christmas shopping yet? Have no fear, I’ve got some festive Christmas gift guide recommendations for you. Be sure to check out my guides too! I’ve got one for bloggers/writers, film buffs and bookworms, plus more on the way.

Cat has a great guide for bloggers, and I guarantee you’ll want at least a handful of things on Hannah’s super duper list.

Entertaining at home this Christmas? You’ll need Lyzi’s Christmas cocktail recipes.


I love looking at Amelia’s bookshelves. I’d love to do something seasonal for Jenson as he gets older and keep his faves out on display.


I wanna be in Jemma’s girl gang!

Film & TV

I’m still not sure what to make of the Captain America: Civil War trailer. I loved the book but appreciate that it’s unlikely they can successfully bring that many characters to the big screen in one film. However, it does seem to be very loosely based on it rather than a typical adaptation. If Winter Soldier is anything to go by, it’ll be aces though.


Jemma’s post on confidence was just what I needed to step outside of my fashion comfort zone and order a cape!


I really need to get my ass to Kynance Cove next summer!

Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!

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