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National Stationery Week 2016: Get Organised Day

It’s Get Organised Day and I thought about sharing my office set-up and how organised it is but TBH it would take more time to tidy it to a photograph-ready standard than to put together this little wish list of items. So here are some recommendations to get your own home office in order! You’re welcome.

national stationery week 2016 get organised day

Busy document wallet, £12.00
Book ledge shelf, £11.99
Giraffe corkboard, £10.00
Magnetic blackboard wallpaper, £44.50
Multi-drawer unit, £13.99
Desk, £2,348.00
Desk tidy, £17.50
Activity planner, £4.00
Storage boxes, £13.99
Crate on wheels, £45.00
Desk filing unit, £12.00
White board wall light, £79.00

What do you rely on to keep your office in order?

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