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NSW16 Follow Friday #47

As promised, here’s an extra special Follow Friday, highlighting some of the best links from National Stationery Week. It’s not too late to get stuck into these giveaways – enjoy!

follow friday

I really need to start a bullet journal. I’m loving Alice’s tips. Did you know there’s an official bullet journal website?! And Rhianna’s post gave me major #bulletjournalgoals. Her handwriting is beautiful, she’s got great sections, the use of colour is lovely and the doodley headers are perfect. Want!

I related to a lot of BuzzFeed’s 19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Love Stationery

Remember how yesterday I was saying I wanted to get a gratitude journal?I already have a blogging diary, a Filofax and a one line a day diary for Jenson memories and it could quickly get out of control. But I just spotted Kirsty Leanne’s Happiness Planner haul and it looks like I could have just one product which ticks all of the boxes! Amazing! Plus Kirsty Leanne has just become one of my new favourite bloggers. See also Bullet journal: getting started – I get more interested with each blog post! Plus she’s just started a #stationerybloggers Twitter chat!!!

Amanda is giving away a notebook and pack of pens!

According to Stabilo’s quiz, I’m a stationery aficionado!

Take a couple of minutes to complete this survey and you could win a £50 voucher

A great selection of faves from Lomond Paper Co

Ever wondered if handwriting is still important? Course it is! #writingmatters

Jo has shared the best Instagram accounts for stationery addicts to follow. Like!

If you went to school in the 90s, you’ll love this post from Comedy Central. I found some smelly pencils and pens on Twitter this morning which just need to be shared


Looking to sign up for a stationery subscription (or three)? Check out Anisha’s reviews

I’m loving Sarah’s stash from Not the Kind. Loads of great recommendations!

LEGO STATIONERY!!! That is all…

Wanna up your stationery game? Check out these posh shops

Ever wondered what your stationery says about you? This makes for an interesting read: “The more expensive, precious and important a notepad is, the less likely anything of note is going to ferment or foment between its pages.” Hmm…

Check out All Things Stationery for a round-up of giveaways. Get in there fast!

I didn’t blog about fountain pens because I’m not a fan but if they float your boat and you want some recommendations, check out these from Amanda and Kirsty Leanne. Plus Angela has some tips on choosing a new one

Got a ridiculously huge collection of notebooks? Me too. So does Katie!

And there’s still two days left of The Best Week Ever! Keep an eye on the hashtags – and check back here each day as I have a giveaway to come as well as more great recommendations. In the meantime, follow my stationery Pinterest board for some of my top finds

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