Item of the day: Yeti lap warmer from Firebox

yeti lap warmer from fireboxYeah, I know it’s summer and we’ve had a million days in a row of baking hot sunshine in Cornwall for a change but sometimes you just need something warm to snuggle with. This epic yeti lap warmer from Firebox charges via USB and stays toasty for up to six hours. Awesome, right? And it won’t hog the duvet! It’s £34.99.

8 thoughts on “Item of the day: Yeti lap warmer from Firebox”

  1. So I bought the yeti and…..It barley warms up! It’s about the same warmth as a cushion someone has been leaning against for a while and it’s absorbed a bit of their body heat :0( Snuggly but that’s it really.

  2. This! I have nerve damage which results in my lower neck/upper back feeling incredibly exposed and oddly cold. Heat (and weight) help but it’s kinda hard balancing a hot water bottle there because of the weight of it. This little dude is perfect – yay! Thanks for sharing.

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