Feeling inspired at the Falmouth Summer Shows

There’s nothing like walking around the Summer Shows at the number one arts university in the country to make you feel both inspired and utterly talentless!

falmouth university summer shows 2016
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I’ve always been a bit of a wordsmith and completely useless when it comes to drawing anything. It took me weeks to start bullet journalling because I knew it would never look the way I wanted it to. I went through a phase at school where I wanted to be a fashion designer but lacked the originality to come up with innovative ideas. I also thought I’d have a crack making my own homewares a couple of years ago (sewing, upcycling and the like) but lacked the patience to really try something new. But looking at the incredible work produced by students at Falmouth University really sparked my imagination.

fashion and textile institute

fashion and textile institute

The Fashion and Textile Institute is around the corner from my office so last week I had a nose around the exhibitions from Contemporary Crafts, Fashion Photography, Fashion Design and Textiles and was beyond impressed. By the time I was halfway around I knew I had to backtrack and start again so I could take photos of my favourite pieces. I’ve shared them here along with links to more of their work where I could find it.

BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts

I instantly fell in love with these little dudes by Isobel Higley and tracked her down on Instagram to find out how much they’re going for. You can get one of these for £280 or others in a similar range for £100.

isobel higley

isobel higley

I spotted a load of awesome ceramic pieces by Sarah Dewhurst and couldn’t help but smile at this one.

sarah dewhurst

Hannah Walters‘ project, called The Gods of Consumerism, is just bloody brilliant! The Aphrodite statue was my favourite because of the social media aspect.

hannah walters

How cool is Harriet Tunnacliffe-Jones’ doll house? Creepy (dolls give me the willies!) but very very cool.

Harriet Tunnacliffe-Jones

BA(Hons) Fashion Photography

The Fashion Photography section was amazing and in some cases it wasn’t even the large prints that blew me away but the students’ portfolios. They all produced books featuring highlights of their work and the production quality was amazing

joshua benmore
Joshua Benmore

Daniella Penn
Daniella Penn

I was really impressed with the mixed media pieces. If this kind of artwork was popular when I was at college I imagine I would have been really into it.

Michelle Tirronen

Michelle Tirronen
Michelle Tirronen

BA(Hons) Fashion Design

This chunky jumper by Hannah Hynes is the kind of thing I would buy in a store!

hannah hynes

I loved Katie Thompson’s jumpers too.

katie thompson

Donna King’s work definitely had the quirk factor!

donna king

BA(Hons) Textiles

I’ve got a thing about robins and this scarf by Joey Williams was one of my favourite things in the entire show. Her puffin lampshade was pretty incredible too.

joey williams

joey williams

I think the Textiles work was my fave and my pick of the bunch has to be Charly Ambler. I particularly love the stuff with red tractors – look how cute!

charly ambler

charly ambler

charly ambler

charly ambler

charly ambler

I tracked her down on Instagram and will be looking to place some orders one day (hopefully) soon.

Who or what inspires you to be more creative?

1 thought on “Feeling inspired at the Falmouth Summer Shows”

  1. Hiya, I am Ellen Rowley, one of the designers you have featured in this blog post. Although I am very flattered that you like my work, I was not informed that these images had been taken nor granted permission for them to be used on the internet. For various reasons, can I kindly ask you to remove any photos ASAP that you have uploaded of my work from any website (e.g. blog, pinterest etc). I don’t have wordpress but if you could me email to confirm I would really appreciate it and I can explain further if needs be.
    Many Thanks,

    Ellen (ellen.rowley@hotmail.co.uk)

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