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A look inside my bullet journal

I wanted to get in on the bujo craze because it combines three of my favourite things – stationery, planning and organisation. But looking at other people’s had me wondering if you can love your bullet journal even if you’re not particularly arty/creative. Plus, is there even any point in me having a bullet journal if I also use a Filofax and Blogger’s Journal?

my bullet journal

I wanted to use a bullet journal for a couple of main reasons: note my monthly to do list on one page instead of throughout a week-to-view diary, track my goals and plan blog ideas. I guess I kinda wanted it to be an extension of my Blogger’s Journal, so the two could work together.

I started in June and there weren’t very many pages for the month…

my bullet journal june 2016

my bullet journal june 2016

my bullet journal june 2016

I started out with my key dates for the month and a to do list. Nice and simple, with a bit of colour.

I really wanted to get a gratitude journal but decided to save money and use a page a month to write down the things I’m thankful for instead. The other side of the spread is a tracker of what I’ve been watching and reading – turns out you don’t read that many books in a month when you’re working your way through Game of Thrones!

my bullet journal june 2016

my bullet journal june 2016

I thought about tracking some of my favourite memories/Jenson’s milestones and using a Polaroid theme but because I use the one line a day diary for Jenson memories, it turned out I didn’t really need this page. And the bleddy ink bled through to the opposite spread and ruined my Twitter chats page! Gutted!

my bullet journal june 2016

my bullet journal Twitter chats

I thought about other things I wanted to track for progress and listed my 30 Before 30, as well as some other general goals (skills, etc). I didn’t really have time to jazz it up…

my bullet journal - goals

Then I started tracking my blog stats. I have an Excel doc where I track my yearly goals and monthly progress and also have a stats tracker in my Blogger’s Journal, so this isn’t really necessary and just looks a mess to be honest!

my bullet journal blog stats

After seeing so much bujo inspo online, I decided to make special pages for the start of each month – but given my skills, I still needed to keep it simple. Oh, the lefthand side of this spread is a weight tracker I thought I’d introduce – very simple scales theme. Since having Jenson I’ve floated around the 92kg mark but when I went to weigh myself to start this, I found I was below 90kg for the first time since he was born! Of course, when I converted it I found out I’m 14 stone(!) – I prefer weighing in kg because the numbers drop quicker! Weird system, right?

my bullet journal july

my bullet journal july

All I have for July so far is my Pay Day checklist, which I didn’t want to share (bills to pay, etc). We’re already halfway through the month and I haven’t tracked any of the books I’ve read or films and TV shows I’ve seen – bad bullet journaller! I guess it may not be ideal for me as I rarely find the time to update it, so it’s best that I have pages which I can dip in and out of.

Do you have a bullet journal? Are you particularly artistic? What do you think makes it work well? Let me know!

EDIT: I wanted to get in on the Bullet Journal Bloggers linky and decided to refer back to this post as an introduction – I’ll have something new for next month!




12 thoughts on “A look inside my bullet journal”

  1. I love this, it looks like you’ve done such a great job getting starting with it. I started mine a few months ago and I’ve quickly figured out what does and doesn’t work for me – I love tracking my reading and films in there too and I’m about to start my weight! Yours looks great and I love the 30 before 30 page, what a great idea. Also I need that bunting washi tape in my life, so cute!

  2. I love this, your bullet journal looks great – you have so many ideas! I enjoy seeing hoe other people use theirs and how they make it work for them. I’d like to start trying to get creative with monthly front pages too. I’ve adapted the gratitude log and have called it monthly highlights. I set it out like a box calendar spread and document the little things I’ve loved from each day of the month. It’s probably my favourite spread!

    Thank you for joining our #BuJoBloggers linky – can’t wait to see what you do next month! xx

  3. Oh I love this – it’s really nice to see how other people use their bullet journals, and yours has so many great ideas in it. I particularly love your watching and reading page, I need to do one of those in mine! I have a weight tracker too, although I do mine as a line graph so I can see the increases in weight as well as the decreases.

    Thank you so much for taking part in our linky! I can’t wait to see your post next month too :) xx

  4. I love this! I am also not a very artsy person so I haven’t jumped to this wagon yet though I really like it. The freedom scares me a bit though 😂 what do you use as your blogging planner?

  5. I have a bullet journal. I’m artistic but I don’t use my skills in my bullet journal.
    My bullet journal is a tool to help me get things done, reach some small goals, plan my life, think about my accomplishments.
    I don’t have a lot of trackers, hardly any collections but everytime I’m feeling under the weather but stllI can fill in a box because I’ve finished some stupid task I didn’t want to do in the first place it makes me a little bit happy.

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