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Friday Favourites #9

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a tough week. One where I’ve struggled to think of five awesome things. I’ve been off sick from work and haven’t been out and about except to go to the doctors every single damn day. But you know what’s surprising? It’s the rough weeks where I’m forced to think of five good things that actually makes me appreciate these posts – because I can always eventually come up with five things; usually things I’ve taken for granted. And, with that, here’s this week’s Friday Favourites!

1. Fresias. Man, they smell good! My mum bought me so many that there was enough to fill two vases, so the house is filled with colour and sweet smells.


2. #UKParentBloggers. I’ve been part of the Parent Bloggers Facebook group for a while now and the members recently took it upon themselves (ourselves?) to start a hashtag on Instagram so share our photos. It’s a great little community and my follower count has already gone up significantly – not that it’s all about the numbers!

ukparentbloggers on instagram

3. Dominoes. Ya know what’s good about having to go into town to the doctors every day? Having the opportunity to buy yummies for lunch! I couldn’t resist a Dominoes lunch for under a fiver. It’s blogging fuel, ain’t it?!

blogging fuel

4. Photos. It’s so easy to get in the habit of storing photos on your phone and sharing them on social media but not actually print them. Since Jenson was born, I’ve been using the Free Prints app to order 40+ photos a month which I keep in special Jenson albums. And I spotted a Truprint offer the other day – 300 prints for £3.00! I had to get in on that. So now I have loads of photos of my gorgeous boy to share around with the family.

jenson photo albums

5. Looking forward. After a rough week, I’m starting to feel a bit better and there’s loads to look forward to, not least a week where myself and Luke are both on annual leave! We’ve got a date night planned (we’re reviewing the summer menu at our local – look out for a review post coming soon!), we’re off on a family day out to the Seal Sanctuary and we’re gonna try and squeeze in a sneaky afternoon screening of Star Trek because Jenson’s Nanny is the best! And, ya know, 2 for 1 tickets on a Monday – score! When you’re a parent it really does go from one extreme to another – weeks of no plans to a fully-packed week. Yep, three outings in a week is as good as it gets these days!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week packed with your own favourites and have an awesome weekend! :)

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