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Friday Favourites #12

Wow, it’s been a helluva week! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, ey? It’s been my first full working week in a few weeks (Monday-Wednesday is a full week to me post-baby!) and we’ve been swamped with deadlines. Back at home we’ve also been reminded of shit people can be – don’t always trust buyers on Facebook groups! Anyhoo, here’s the highlights!

1. New home. We can finally share the news I was a bit reluctant to post last week – we’re moving house! Yep, again. It’ll be our fifth home together in just over five years and, although I’ve said this a lot, we really hope the next one will be super-long term. The Estate Agents have everything they need from us now and, pending final references and checks, the house should be ours come the end of September! It’s £75 a month cheaper than what we’re paying now, has a balcony off our bedroom and an en-suite, plus it’s right in the middle of town – perfect! The only thing missing is a garden but it’s literally right next door to parks, gardens and the beach. We can’t quite believe our luck! Obvs there will be plenty of new home buy wish lists popping up plus some room tours once we’re all settled. We’re taking a week off work so we should manage to pack, move and unpack, with a toddler, within that time.

new house_exterior

2. Date Night. Luke was quite skeptical when I told him we’d be reviewing a date night in a box, as he thought the activities would be forced and stressful, but we ended up having a laugh over the who knows who best game and he took some photos for me. He’s a good egg! Check out the review and enter my giveaway to win a three months’ subscription.

plan our date review

3. Books, glorious books. I’ve had a really good reading week, thanks to spending more time in the office – more bus rides! Speaking of which, all of my buses were on time for an entire week – nice going, First Kernow! I finished reading The Room (so intensely good!) and made my way through most of Northanger Abbey (could be my new favourite Jane Austen read). I also picked up a copy of After You super cheaps in Morrisons and the first issue of Breathe magazine, which I’m hoping to get through on next week’s bus journeys.

jane austen clothbound classics

4. Teen Mom OG. Oh my freaking gosh, I love the original Teen Mom girls. When I first went on maternity leave, still heavily pregnant, I saw Catelynn’s episode of 16 and Pregnant and balled my eyes out. Then, not long after Jenson was born, I saw the Teen Mom special Being Catelynn and balled my eyes out some more, so when I noticed Teen Mom OG on MTV, I got hooked on season five. Since then, I’ve caught up on the oldies and my favourite keeps changing between Catelynn and Maci, depending on whether Catelynn is talking to an ex-boyfriend or Maci is trying to stop Ryan from seeing his son. I can’t wait for season six to start on Wednesday!

teen mom
Image via

5. The kindness of strangers. At the start of this post I mentioned that me and Luke have been kinda mad at the world this week and dealing with some rather shitty people but, since this is a Friday Favourites post and is about being grateful for the awesome things in life, I want to do a little shout out to the people who have made me smile. Our lovely family members who have lent us money to pay fees etc on our new house. My mum for cooking lasagne for us in our house this week and filling our fridge with food last week. My aunt for picking up milk, food and nappies for Jenson. The tax credits man for being super helpful on the phone and trying to help us get free prescriptions etc when the last guy just said there was nothing they could do. The self-employed tax man who didn’t just assume that I owed them money and helped me fight the £1,000+ bill when I’ve not done any freelance work this year. The lovely lady at Pampers who sent me a voucher for a free pack of nappies so I could try the new range for free as Jenson’s current ones leak most nights. The people who stop to let us cross the road with a pushchair when they don’t have to, rather than making us wait for the crazy Cornish summer traffic to pass… You’re all wonderful human beings!

breathe magazine gratitude journal

Have any strangers been especially kind to you this week?

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