Wish list: New home

Yep, we’re moving again and yep, I have a wish list! Sure, over the last few years we’ve accumulated the essentials but there are a couple of bits we need, some things need replacing and it’s always nice to buy something for a new home! Here’s what’s top of my list.

The essentials: We need a wardrobe and chair for Jenson’s room (the current ones came with the house), vinyls to decorate Jenson’s new room, storage solutions for our new, smaller kitchen, the bath mats could do with replacing, we desperately need shoe storage and we’re not entirely sure that the flat pack in our bedroom will survive another move.

new home wish list

Bathmat, £25.00
Overdoor shoe holder, £12.99
Wall shelf with hanging bars, £19.99
Set of four underbed boxes, £18.99
Plate rack, £14.99
Balloon wall stickers, £10.00
Small storage basket, £7.99
Alphabet wall stickers, £30.00

More fun stuff: new bedding, toy storage for Jenson’s bathroom, accessories for both bedrooms…

new home wish list

Kingsize duvet set, £14.00
Dream letters, £9.00
Thomas whistle and wash storage caddy, £15.75
Light box, £12.99
Vase, £6.00
Two white shelves, £14.99
Bistro furniture set, £29.99

I really fancy some fairy lights too… A girl could go on forever! What essential accessories do you think makes a house a home?

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