Jenson's Christmas list 2018
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Jenson’s Christmas list

Wow, this Christmas is so different to last year already. For a start, Jenson can tell us what he'd like for Christmas. Secondly, he knows who Father Christmas is - and he's been 'calling' him since the start of October telling him what's on his list. From the start it's been a Paw Patrol Lookout… Continue reading Jenson’s Christmas list

new home wish list

Wish list: New home

Yep, we're moving again and yep, I have a wish list! Sure, over the last few years we've accumulated the essentials but there are a couple of bits we need, some things need replacing and it's always nice to buy something for a new home! Here's what's top of my list. The essentials: We need… Continue reading Wish list: New home

18-24 months boys clothes wish list
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Wish List: Clothes for Jenson

I love buying clothes for Jenson more than for myself - crazy, right? I went through his 18-24 months old clothes the other day to see what we still need to pick up before the end of the summer and I was surprised to see that we're almost there. We just need a few more… Continue reading Wish List: Clothes for Jenson

jensons first birthday wish list
Jenson, Parenthood

Wish list: Jenson’s first birthday

I never thought it would be so difficult to decide what to buy your son for his first birthday. He has everything he needs, clothes until he's two years old (ish - you never know how quick they'll grow!) and a ton of books and toys. But, of course, you can't help spotting things and… Continue reading Wish list: Jenson’s first birthday

jenson nine months old
Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: Nine months old

Yep, my baby boy is now nine months old - three quarters of the way to his first birthday! I was reminded last week just how quickly the time goes and how you can never get it back. We were browsing the clothing sale in Sainsburys and spotted some cute Winnie the Pooh gear that… Continue reading Jenson: Nine months old