My current bullet journal layout (September 2016)

My bullet journal has changed a bit since I first started. I’m not watching or reading as much as I’d like to, so I’ve ditched the watching and reading page. I’ve also had some pages which have carried across months, such as blog post ideas, stats, etc. I’ve had a load of inspiration but I’ve just not had the chance to put it all down in my bullet journal yet, which I guess defeats the object? I’ll hopefully be able to make some time for it in the next few days as I’m anticipating we won’t have an internet connection. Anyways, you’re here because you wanted to have a look at my September pages, right? Here goes!

my bullet journal september 2016

This month I did something different with my title page. I wanted to summarise my expectations for the month but it’ll be hard to maintain and keep it different over the coming months, with so many months ending in ’ember’! We’ll see.

inside my bullet journal september 2016

inside my bullet journal september 2016

I always have to start the month with my key dates and to do list. The dates is for appointments, etc, I need to remember (totally just realised I put the Halloween party down a month early!), plus birthdays, and the to do list is a reminder of what I need to tick off that month – bill payments, stats updates, picking out birthday presents, etc.

inside my bullet journal september 2016

I’ve already shared my autumn bucket list in a Sunday Snapshot post – I’m super-excited about it! Lots of family fun times to be had.

inside my bullet journal september 2016

And, of course, the inevitable moving house checklist. I’ve still got some address changes to do and a few bits to pick up for the new place but I’m nearly there.

I’ve found some great inspo online which I’m hoping to add to my bujo soon, like a Christmas presents page and gratitude page. Exciting!

What are your essential layouts for your bujo?

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