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Saturday Share #69

My lack of blogging this week definitely doesn’t mean that I’m behind on my Bloglovin feed; I’ve read and loved many a post. Here are my favourites.

saturday share_blue

Got writer’s block? Michelle has some ideas for blog posts and Bee has some great creative prompts

Chloe has a genius hack for growing your Facebook following

Make it
Cathryn’s crumble topped apple cake looks incredible

I want Sophie’s Halloween basket!

Molly is so damn relatable! I love her parenting posts. This week’s fave is all about not needing to host a Pinterest-worthy birthday party

Books and magazines
I Let You Go has just made it onto my TBR list thanks to Alice’s review

I used to be a total magazine junkie but just don’t have the disposable income these days. I love Carrie’s selection

Totally gonna read all of the books on Beth’s list

My friend, Lauren, is a travel writer and just got back from Santorini. I really wanna go!

My lovely friend, Mel, spoke out about her experiences with OCD as part of OCD Week. Give it a read

I always love Louise’s Wednesday Wants and this week was no exception

Jemma’s desk tour is giving me major #officegoals for when I get unpacked!

How heavenly is Sarah’s new home?

I’ve still got a massive backlog of blogs to check out that I’ve liked on Twitter. Prepare for a list of faves coming soon. Have you found any new blogs lately?

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