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The Totally Funky Christmas Gift Guide

Now that I’m a parent I seem to be running out of patience. I have all the time in the world (most of the time) for Jenson but anything else can just do one! Which is why it’s so great to be able to do my Christmas shopping online. No packed shops to try and navigate with a pushchair, no queues, no annoying people… And it’s even better when you can do most of your shopping in the same place. Enter Totally Funky*.

totally funky

Totally Funky really does have something for everyone. Whether you’re shopping for children, adults, men, women, geeks, girly-girls, bakers or sci-fi nerds, they’ve got you covered. And regardless of budget! Looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift or stocking filler? Looking to splash the cash on something a bit more special? You can find it here!

I’ve got upcoming gift guides for different ‘types’ of people (bloggers, geeks, foodies, etc) and when I was given the opportunity to select different products to review, I wanted to cover my bases bases. Here’s a look at what I got my lucky mitts on.

totally funky christmas gift guide

For him: a Death Star mood light. Perfect for the man in your life, your Star Wars-obsessed friend or your favourite film geek, this USB-powered light will look great on any desk. Any hardcore fan will tell you that the Death Star is white rather than grey but once it’s lit up it has a great glow.

death star mood light from totally funky

death star mood light from totally funky

For her: a berry Christmas cracker! Beautifully presented and with three yummy-smelling bath bombs, they’re almost too pretty not to use! I, of course, had to try one out (my first baby-free bath in months!) and I wasn’t disappointed. The photo doesn’t do justice to how pink it turned the bath water and also gave it a bit of sparkle. The problem with baths, for me, is that I can lie there forever, even when I get cold, so I’ll try not to use the other two too quickly! Look how pretty though!

berry christmas cracker from totally funky

berry christmas cracker from totally funky

berry christmas cracker from totally funky

And for the little ‘un in your life: How cute is this balloon dog night light?! I had to get this for our oldest nephew, althought it’s so freakin’ cute that I was quite tempted to keep it for myself. The switch is in one of the paws so it’s easy for kids to turn on and off themselves and it looks great. Plus it’s battery powered (with an optional 30-minute timer), so you can pop it anywhere in the room.

balloon dog night light from totally funky

balloon dog night light from totally funky

Anything take your fancy? I really do recommend a proper browse of the site as I could have picked dozens of reasonably priced gifts.

*I was able to choose items from the website for review purposes but all thoughts are my own.

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