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Ten times I’ve felt like a proper grown up

Even now, at the wise old age of 28, with a degree and PGCE under my belt, having lived with my partner for over half a decade and becoming a mother last year, I still don’t feel like a grown up most of the time. But there have been some moments where I’ve been all “shit, I’m a fully fledged adult!”

me and dad at graduation
Anyone else not feel at all like a grown up when they graduated?

1. When I phone the doctors to make an appointment and the receptionist asks for my name and I say “actually it’s for my son”.

2. Not being asked for ID when I buy alcohol – even though it’s now ‘think 25’. How old do I look?! *sad face*

3. Seeing the monthly pension deductions on my payslips. Boo.

4. Getting excited over buying new tumblers, tea towels or other previously boring kitchen bits.

5. When ‘youngsters’ let me on the bus first. It was polite when I was pregnant. Now I just feel ancient.

6. The first time I taught a class by myself – oh the responsibility!

7. Getting cold calls about life insurance. I’m gonna live forever mate, don’t worry about it!

8. Voting. And actually researching the policies properly beforehand.

9. When I signed my first mobile phone contract (ten years ago!).

10. Going for my smear test. Gotta look after numero uno!

Do you still feel like a teenager? Think you’ve got too much responsibility for someone so young? What will it take to make you feel like you’ve got your shit together? Let me know.

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