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Christmas shopping in Truro

I was going to dedicate last week’s Friday Favourites to my Christmas shopping trip but sleep has proved a bigger priority than writing over the last few days and I’ve also been trying to free up some storage; it seems I’ve reached the limit on WordPress’ free storage capacity. This could be the kick up the ass I need to go self-hosted!

But back to Christmas shopping! Last Friday I went shopping in Truro with my mum and aunts. I was meant to be leaving Jenson with Luke for my second baby/work free day ever but ended up taking him with us. I thought he’d hate sitting on a train and then sitting in his buggy all day while we shopped but he was an absolute angel all day. He loved his first train ride, was really well behaved in the shops, sat quite happily and ate lunch with us in the pub and even napped – he clearly takes after his Daddy, falling asleep in Primark!

jensons first train ride

Of course, I had to gather as many Christmas coffee cups as possible! I hit up Costa on the way, Starbucks when we got there and the Pumpkin train station cafe on the way back. I’ll do Cafe Nero next time – there better be a next time!

starbucks christmas coffee cup-2016

I also wasn’t very green and purposely left my shopping bags at home. I wanted all the pretty bags I could get my hands on! Even though paper bags are so impractical in the winter. Can you guess what goodies these beauties hold?

christmas shopping in truro

I got a bit carried away in Lush, I must admit. Look how pretty! Robots? Dinosaurs with santa hats?! I ended up getting my aunt some fun glittery sleeping powder for her birthday – after sampling a bit myself.

lush dinosaurs

Waterstones is probably one of my favourite places in the whole world! There are so many pretty books. I’m especially loving the gorgeous Agatha Christie paperbacks – perfect stocking fillers!

waterstones beautiful books

waterstones beautiful books

We also, obviously, hit up the new Primark. I picked up some bits for my aunt to put back for my birthday (Jungle Book and Olaf PJs!) and got a couple of things for Jenson, including his Christmas jumper. Now I’ve just got to find some 18-24 months Olaf PJs for him – they start at two years old in Primark. Boo.

christmas shopping in truro

Ooh, see that beautiful butterfly dress? That’s an early Christmas present from my mum so I can wear it out for some family dinners. I really must try it on…

And last but not least – food! We had lunch in The Market Inn. It’s such a cosy place to eat and the food was incredible. I had a very tasty pork belly bap with stuffing and apple sauce with a side a chips. Bleddy yummers. Highly recommended.

lunch at the market inn truro

It’s the City of Lights tomorrow night but we’re not going this year. Maybe next year when Jenson’s a bit older and can stay up a bit longer. Who am I kidding, he was up until 9.30 again tonight!

Where’s your favourite place to go Christmas shopping? Do you prefer hitting the stores or shopping online?

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