Jenson 33 months old
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Jenson: 33 months old [Living Arrows 2/12]

It's true what they say: the days are long but the years are short. You see your kid every day but one day you really see them. You see just how much they've grown; they can suddenly reach things they couldn't before. They start trying to have actual conversations with you and you realise that… Continue reading Jenson: 33 months old [Living Arrows 2/12]

Jenson 32 months old
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Jenson: 32 months old [Living Arrows 1/12 2018)

Not gonna lie, it all went a bit downhill after last month's awesome update. We've had tantrums galore, an inability to eat lunch at nursery and a lot of early starts. It's not all doom and gloom though. Jenson loves getting creative (painting and baking) and seems to really enjoy spending time with his older… Continue reading Jenson: 32 months old [Living Arrows 1/12 2018)

Baking with Jenson - Rice Krispie cakes
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Baking as self-care (Self-Care Sunday #42)

Before I had Jenson I used to bake every now and then - mainly because I was stressed and/or procrastinating. I've wanted to try baking with Jenson for a while but I'm a bit anal about doing things a certain way and it sounded a bit too stressful for my liking. But with more and… Continue reading Baking as self-care (Self-Care Sunday #42)

200 Women
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The Happy Newspaper, She & Him and embracing our creative/messy side #LittleLoves

It's been a funny ol' week - the best laid plans and all that... Here's a look at what we've been up to. Read: The Happy Newspaper. *Sigh* I swoon over this every time it drops through my letterbox but I swear the current issue is the best to date. Gabrielle Treanor is my favourite… Continue reading The Happy Newspaper, She & Him and embracing our creative/messy side #LittleLoves

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Getting my shit together, Will & Grace and actual me time #LittleLoves

Taking nearly three weeks off work over Christmas made Monday morning such a shock to the system. My alarm went off at 6.30am and I so wasn't ready. And I didn't half miss Jenson. I hate only seeing him for an hour before bed but it made yesterday even more special - even when he… Continue reading Getting my shit together, Will & Grace and actual me time #LittleLoves

Jenson Christmas 2017
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Jenson: 31 months old

I think this past month may have been my favourite so far in my life as "Jenson's Mummy". He's getting on so well at nursery, he really enjoyed this Christmas, his relationship with his older cousin is growing and he's learning so much. We had a mini review from nursery and I was so freaking… Continue reading Jenson: 31 months old

Jenson Christmas 2017
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Christmas 2017 in photos

And, just like that, Christmas is over for another year. Well, I'm still celebrating for another week and a half as I don't go back to work until the eighth but, as far as Jenson is concerned, Christmas is over as he's opened all of his presents! During the festive period we've decorated trees, met… Continue reading Christmas 2017 in photos

Christmas lights
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The Magic of Christmas

I'm guilty of posting a highlights reel a lot of the time when it comes to life with Jenson. Although I've discussed the reality of miscarriage, life with a newborn, colic and c-section recovery, most of the photos you see focus on the good times rather than the tantrums that occur seconds before or after… Continue reading The Magic of Christmas

Trevena Cross festivities
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Festive fun at Trevena Cross

I've been feeling all kinds of festive this year. As I've grown up, Christmas has lost some of that childish magic but now that Jenson is a bit older (it's his third Christmas), I've started to recapture some of that youthful wonder and excitement. Yesterday we went to Trevena Cross with my brother, his girlfriend… Continue reading Festive fun at Trevena Cross