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2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Geeks

Given that this is a rather geeky blog in itself, chances are most of the posts you’ll find here will feature a pretty good gift idea for a geek, but here’s a little gift guide anyway. I’ve tried not to include items I’ve mentioned here before and not make it too DC-centric but some things are worth an extra shout out!

2016 christmas gift guide for geeks
Batgirl PJs, Truffle Shuffle, £14.99
Goonies playing cards, Firebox, £14.99
Nintendo dress, Truffle Shuffle, £31.99
Star Wars crochet kit, Firebox, £19.99
Glasses case, Zavvi, £7.99
Quibbler jotter set, Truffle Shuffle, £2.99
Batcave door mat, Truffle Shuffle, £14.99
Zelda light, Truffle Shuffle, £24.99
Velma Pop Vinyl, Zavvi, £9.99
Superman bookends, Truffle Shuffle, £20.99

Gotta admit, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the clothes!

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