2016 christmas gift guide for geeks
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2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Geeks

Given that this is a rather geeky blog in itself, chances are most of the posts you'll find here will feature a pretty good gift idea for a geek, but here's a little gift guide anyway. I've tried not to include items I've mentioned here before and not make it too DC-centric but some things… Continue reading 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Geeks

what I've been reading lately - Esquire, The Death of Superman and Flow

What I’ve been reading lately #5

I've been looking for a lighter read lately and something that I can easily dip in and out of or read in one sitting - hello, magazines and comic books! Quite the eclectic mix, doncha think?! I had to pick up a copy of Esquire because it was subtitled the men and women's issue. I… Continue reading What I’ve been reading lately #5

batman v superman poster
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Some thoughts on… Batman V Superman (spoiler free)

I'm not gonna post a typical review of Batman V Superman because anyone who has been on the internet in the last week will have seen the sheer volume of reviews and the battle between fans and critics. In case you did miss it, suffice it to say that despite hugely negative reviews (29% on… Continue reading Some thoughts on… Batman V Superman (spoiler free)

batman vs superman merchandise
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Prepping for the release of Batman vs Superman

Yes, when it comes to the release of films like Batman vs Superman, there is some degree of preparation involved, not least arranging a babysitter so we can have a date night! Last night we re-watched Man of Steel and I'm going to try and find the time to re-read The Dark Knight Returns and… Continue reading Prepping for the release of Batman vs Superman

venom cycling top from amazon
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Item of the day: Superhero gym wear from Amazon

Ever feel like gym wear is just a bit too boring? Luke spotted the best tops on Amazon the other day. Like, actually the best! You can get Superman, Spiderman, Antman, Venom, The Winter Soldier and more. They're great for cycling in too. Pretty freakin' awesome, right? They start at £10.99.

hulk christmas jumper from custom 51
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Item of the day: The Hulk Christmas jumper from Custom 51

I've already shared about a million Christmas jumpers this season but there are so many awesome designs out there! Seriously, I could dedicate a post a day to the topic and still not cover them all. I've just discovered this incredible (pardon the pun!) Hulk one from Custom 51 for £24.95. If you're more of… Continue reading Item of the day: The Hulk Christmas jumper from Custom 51

dumbo clothes from sainsburys
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25% off Tu clothing at Sainsburys!

I don't normally like to post two wish lists in one week but I am sooo excited that there is currently 25% off Tu clothing! I love shopping for Jenson at Sainsburys. There's really no need to fork out a fortune on baby clothes - they're only in them for two minutes, it's easier to… Continue reading 25% off Tu clothing at Sainsburys!

h&m wish list
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H&M wish list

H&M is quickly becoming one of my favourite stores/websites - pretty lady clothes (including maternity), baby gear and accessories for the home. Here's what I'm loving at the moment iPhone case, £3.99 Socks, £6.99 PJs, £14.99 Blanket, £4.00 Hooded blanket, £14.99 Knobs, £3.99 Storage box, £3.99 Jacket, £9.99 PJs, £12.99 5-piece set, £7.00 PJs, £9.99… Continue reading H&M wish list

superhero bodysuits from marks and spencer
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New in at Marks and Spencer

M&S is one of my favourite stores for cute kids stuff and there's plenty of new clothes to drool over - for every age. Here's the best of the boys' range... Pure Cotton Lion Intarsia Jumper (0-2 years), £10.00 Pure Cotton Aeroplane Print Cardigan (0-2 years), £12.00 Pure Cotton Dinosaur Print T-Shirt (0-2 years), £5.00… Continue reading New in at Marks and Spencer

my week in photos

Highlights of the week

This week's post is a bit longer than usual because I completely missed off some of my bookmarked posts last week! Silly, Emma! Also, I have discovered Bloglovin! But rather than making this post ridiculously long, I'm going to do a separate post in the week for some blogs and posts that I've fallen in… Continue reading Highlights of the week