Item of the day: Jumpers from New Look

I was gifted £35 of New Look vouchers for my birthday from Luke’s family and the guys sent me a 20% off code to help celebrate – yay! Double yay when I spotted three jumpers to get me through winter. You may remember I previously said how difficult it was to find something long and thick enough but still fun and quirky. Problem is, I’ve checked their website twice a day for the last two weeks and the three I love are never in my size. Correction: the star one (now disappeared from the website for the umpteenth time, so I can’t show you the pic) was for all of two minutes. My battery died before I had a chance to add it to my basket and by the time I re-charged it was gone. *sigh* And they’re never in my store either. What’s a girl gotta do to get hold of these bad boys? In a size 16 and M/L, just FYI!

new look sweaters
Nope sweater, £14.99
Just slaying sweater, £15.99

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