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Friday Favourites #25

I’ve been back at work this week after 11 days off so there’s not been much time for fun times, in the typical sense at least, but I’ve got five beautiful favourites for you.

1. Etsy Made Local. I went along to the Etsy Made Local Christmas market in St Ives last week – and got to see my fab friend from LouLous’s Lovely Letters do her thang. I really do recommend shopping local and independent where possible.

etsy made local st ives christmas market

2. Playtime with Jenson. Jenson has always loved going to the park and will happily play on the swings for hours but now that he’s bigger he wants to run around and explore everywhere. It’s so cute seeing him playing peekaboo behind the trees.

jenson park

3. New reads. I have so much on my to read list but not enough hours in the day. I managed to get through Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things this week though and it was awesome, as always. I had more than a few tears in my eyes on more than one occasion on the bus – I’m such a softie. It follows the lives of a father, nurse and lawyer when a newborn dies under the care of an African American nurse. The father is a White Supremacist and had banned the nurse from being involved in his son’s care so there are a lot of issues involved, primarily centred around racism. It’s testament to Picoult’s incredible writing that you can both hate and feel sorry for a truly evil character. Give it a read.

small great things by jodi picoult

4. Beautiful presents. I caught up with my bestie yesterday and he brought over belated birthday presents. How gorgeous is this bottle?! Hi, John! Yep, you got two mentions in one week! *mwah*

best friends bottle from john

5. Poundland. I bleddy love Poundland and stocked up on some Christmas bits for Jenson. I picked up three cute board books with touchy feely covers, which he loves.

jenson christmas basket

I’ve got a fun family weekend planned as it’s my great aunt’s birthday and my aunt and uncle are visiting. I’ve just got back from dinner with the gang at Blacks (highly recommended – fantastic service every time) and we’re off out for lunch on Sunday. I’ve also got big plans to get our Christmas tree up this weekend! I’ve just got to wait for Jenson to sleep and try and do it quietly…

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