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My life in photos: December 2016

Eek, it’s not just the end of another month but the end of another year! And it certainly had its ups and downs, what with the fridge freezer breaking down and our bathroom leaking through all three floors. But there was plenty of fun to be had too.

december 2016 photos

1. Luke came to the Etsy Made Local Christmas market with me to take some photos.
2. The Happy Newspaper is such a bleddy brilliant idea. I highly recommend subscribing.
3. I have every single issue of Blogosphere and it’s a great resource. It gets more incredible every issue and I’ve been so inspired.
4. We took Jenson to The Craft Box to make some Christmas presents. Well worth a trip.
5. We saw real reindeer! Guess who was most excited.
6. Went along to the Mousehole lights. It ain’t Christmas otherwise!
7. I finally got a hygge book! I’m going to try and have an early night and flick through this one night soon.
8. I got this Beauty and the Beast tea set for my mum for Christmas and now I kinda want one.
9. New year new me? Doubt it but it’s good to have goals. Be sure to check out my goals post and enter my giveaway. Self-care is so important and hopefully these goodies will give someone a hand.

So that was my December! I hope you all had a lovely December and festive season. Bring on 2017!

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