Clara Christmas Sewing Kit

12 Days of Christmas #5: Clara Christmas Sewing Kit

One of my goals this year was to be more creative. I'm always rushing from one thing to the next without taking the time to relax and clear my head. When I get the chance, I find journaling, hand lettering and crafting to be so beneficial. It's a much-needed digital detox and gives my mind… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas #5: Clara Christmas Sewing Kit

outlaw 2017
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More reasons to support small businesses this Christmas [Outlaw 2017]

Last month I wrote a post on why you should support small businesses this Christmas and I'm pleased to say that my Christmas shopping is nearly finished and approximately 75% of what I've purchased is from small businesses. I don't think that's too shabby, especially as most of that remaining 25% is Duplo and Peppa… Continue reading More reasons to support small businesses this Christmas [Outlaw 2017]

review of The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame
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Review: The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

That Lame Company is one of my new favourite sites. When I finally got to open the Blogger Box of Lame on my birthday a few weeks ago I couldn't believe how much awesome was packed in for such a bargain price. I was luckily enough to get the Essential Christmas Box of Lame for… Continue reading Review: The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame

december 2016 photos
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My life in photos: December 2016

Eek, it's not just the end of another month but the end of another year! And it certainly had its ups and downs, what with the fridge freezer breaking down and our bathroom leaking through all three floors. But there was plenty of fun to be had too. 1. Luke came to the Etsy Made… Continue reading My life in photos: December 2016

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Exploring Cornwall: The Craft Box, Penzance

I've been meaning to tell you about this wonderful place since we first took Jenson last year. The Craft Box is a beautiful arts cafe in Penzance (there's one in Helston too) where you can pop in with your children to create the perfect gift or memento. We took Jenson last year when he was… Continue reading Exploring Cornwall: The Craft Box, Penzance

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Friday Favourites #24

It's been a pretty great week, packed with family time, birthday treats and an epic blogging opportunity. Sure, the week started with a broken fridge freezer (we had to replace that and all its contents - just what you want right before Christmas!) but I've also been able to catch up with friends and family… Continue reading Friday Favourites #24

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Saturday Share #58

Plenty to peruse this week, from blogging tips to Cornish folklore and recipes to DIY. Happy reading! Lifestyle I don't think it's possible for me to love Michelle Obama more. Have you seen the Carpool Karaoke video? I friggin' loved this article on what everyone's doing with their summer, according to Instagram Bit jealous of… Continue reading Saturday Share #58

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Follow Friday #45

I'm getting pretty excited about National Stationery Week, so there are several stationery links here, as well as inspo for Jenson's first birthday, book recommendations, recipes and more. Happy reading! Baby There's no point stressing yourself out over planning the perfect birthday party for your child. As long as they have, it's all good! Having… Continue reading Follow Friday #45

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Follow Friday #43

While I was writing last week's Follow Friday post my old and knackered MacBook Pro (please don't die!) crapped out on me because I had too many tabs open! Oops! So this week's post was intended to be an extended version before Bloglovin' seemed to go down on Thursday night. 'trific! Good excuse for an… Continue reading Follow Friday #43

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Follow Friday #32

Oops! It seems I have over 600 saved and unread blog posts on Bloglovin. There's just so much awesome out there and I'm discovering new blogs every day. Christmas How awesome is Bethany's Disney Christmas wish list?! We decided early on not to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Jenson for Christmas - not… Continue reading Follow Friday #32