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Friday Favourites #30

It’s been the first full week (ok, I’m part-time but still) back at work since Christmas and I’ve been bleddy knackered. The commute means I’m ready for bed come 8pm on a Wednesday so I don’t really get much done the first half of the week. Now’s the time for catching up on laundry, tidying the place up, food shopping and… writing! Here’s what I’ve been loving during my brief waking hours this week.

1. Jen Kirkman. Man, I love that woman! I saw an old-ish stand-up on Netflix last year and noticed that a new Netflix special was available. It’s freakin’ hilarious – I had to watch my LOLs as I watched it in bed with Jenson sleeping next to me. My next job is to check out her books.

jen kirkman just keep livin

2. Ed Sheeran. He’s back! Both tracks are great but I much prefer Castle on the Hill.

3. All of the books. I’ve read three books this week! Two of these titles are on my blog tour schedule (reviews coming next week) and the other was the latest volume of Ms Marvel, which was, yet again, epic. I really can’t recommend that comic series enough.

what ive been reading lately

4. New handbag. The strap on my go-to bag broke on the way home from work on Monday! After muddling through for a couple of days using it as a hand-held, I picked up a new bag in New Look yesterday with the last of my vouchers. Ain’t she pretty?

new look handbag

5. The Fundamentals of Caring. We finally saw this last night. We rarely get a chance to watch films these days and if we see one at home it usually has to be toddler-friendly. It’s not like Jenson watches what we watch but we wanted minimal f-bombs and no violence. It fitted the bill perfectly and was genuinely a really lovely film. Paul Rudd is perfect, as always, Craig Roberts was fantastic (an even better performance than Submarine) and I didn’t hate Selena Gomez – bonus! I really do recommend giving it a watch. I’m off to find somewhere to stream the soundtrack!

I can’t believe how much I’ve managed to watch and read this week! Here’s to a relaxing weekend. Hope you have a good one.

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