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A Monster Calls, Fathers Day and new shoes #LittleLoves

I went back to work this week after an incredible week off and I struggled a bit with the hot weather. I managed to squeeze in some reading though - and some questionable TV last weekend! Here's what I've been up to this week. Read: Why did no-one warn me about A Monster Calls when… Continue reading A Monster Calls, Fathers Day and new shoes #LittleLoves

glamour magazine

Thirteen Reasons Why, Taylor Swift and the start of summer #LittleLoves

I picked the perfect week for annual leave; the weather has been incredible and it's been great to just be outside with my boys. Here's a look at what I've been up to this week. Read: Glamour magazine. Magazines are a luxury item these days - have you seen how expensive they are? Gone are… Continue reading Thirteen Reasons Why, Taylor Swift and the start of summer #LittleLoves

i'm not your manic pixie dream girl by gretchen mcneil
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Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Peppa Pig and Ed Sheeran sing-alongs #LittleLoves

It's been another one of those weird weeks where the weather was gorgeous all weekend so I was able to frolic in the son with Jenson and then when my working 'week' started (sorry not sorry) I was in bed every night with Jenson with no evenings to myself. I find it easier to cope… Continue reading Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Peppa Pig and Ed Sheeran sing-alongs #LittleLoves

finding audrey by sophie kinsella
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Friday Favourites #36

Not gonna lie, this week has been rough. I've found out what it's like to be poorly at the same time as your child - man, is it hard! But there have still been some highlights. Here's this week's Friday Favourites. 1. Being looked after. Yeah, it was 'just a cold', but it was the… Continue reading Friday Favourites #36

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Friday Favourites #31

I'm sitting down to write this post at 9.30pm on Thursday* and it's the first time I've lifted the lid on my laptop all week (thank you, scheduled posts!) and, as of two hours ago, this is the first bit of time I've had to myself this week. Jenson has had a cold and hasn't… Continue reading Friday Favourites #31

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Friday Favourites #30

It's been the first full week (ok, I'm part-time but still) back at work since Christmas and I've been bleddy knackered. The commute means I'm ready for bed come 8pm on a Wednesday so I don't really get much done the first half of the week. Now's the time for catching up on laundry, tidying… Continue reading Friday Favourites #30

netflix and chilled wine sweater by trendy sparrow
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Item of the day: Netflix sweater from Trendy Sparrow

This Trendy Sparrow sweater made me giggle, especially because most evenings I'm all about the chilled cider (soz, not wine) and Gilmore Girls on Netflix - alone. Luke does his thing on Warcraft/Skype with his friends. The glamorous life of parents, ey? It's available to pre-order on Etsy for £43.24.

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Saturday Share #60

There's something good about finding the time to publish these weekly posts late on a Saturday night (#partyon) - it means y'all have loads to read over your Sunday morning coffee! You're welcome. Read on for Cornwall travel tips, beautiful books, blogging recommendations and more. Cornwall Whether you're a local or you're visiting for a… Continue reading Saturday Share #60

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Friday Favourites #7

I got to Thursday morning and only had two items on my mental note of Friday Favourites (who am I kidding, I've got notes in my Blogger's Journal!) and got a bit sulky about how I couldn't manage to think of five awesome things that have happened in the week. Then Thursday turned into a… Continue reading Friday Favourites #7

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Friday Favourites #3

It's that time of the week again folks - time to take a minute to be grateful for all of the awesomeness the last week has brought, despite both myself and the baby drowning in snot. You're welcome for that image BTW! New Girl is back! When Jess and Nick broke up I worried that… Continue reading Friday Favourites #3