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Saturday Share #84

This week I’ve LOLed at awesome posts on Cornish life and politics, drooled over mug cakes and swooned over travel photo diaries. Gotta love the blogosphere!

saturday share_blue

I love reading book reviews from people who have just read one of my favourite books for the first time. Anastasia is no longer a Jane Austen virgin! I’ve been reading Holly Bourne’s How Hard Can Love Be and Yosemite National Park featured, so I loved looking at Sarah’s recent photo diary. Tarnya’s Belgrade photo diary is pretty epic too. If we’re lucky enough to go away anywhere this year it’ll likely be back to Bristol – we haven’t been in over two years! I love reading about Lily’s .

A few bloggers have been writing about politics and the Presidential Election recently but no-one has put it like Molly did earlier this week when she wrote about what Donald Trump could learn from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Cathryn is my favourite blogger for sharing recipes that I actually think I could have a crack at. Have you seen her mug cakes?!

I’m always in awe of and inspired by other’s people’s mental health posts. Go check out Lauren’s.

I love reading blogs by other Cornish folk and one of my faves is The Cornish Life. This week Anna blogged about popular misconceptions about the Cornish and it’s great!

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