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Item of the day: Jessica Jones Pop Vinyl from IWOOT

I Want One of Those sent me a voucher for 22% off my next purchase because I’m poor and haven’t shopped their for ages. Perfect excuse to finally get those Gilmore Girls Pops. Except they’ve disappeared from their website! Typical. Last time I had such a voucher I couldn’t use it on the best mother/daughter duo because you can’t use it on pre-orders (rude!). Now that they’re officially ‘out’, they’ve gone. Sods law. Or maybe it’s for the best? It meant I had to browse their Pops and discovered the soon-to-be released Jessica Jones. She’s £10.99 and because she’s over a tenner you can get her delivered for free! You can also pair her up with Luke Cage if you so desire – but we all know JJ is the best, ammiright? Speaking of pairs, IWOOT also have this awesome Spider-Man and Venom salt and pepper set. So much awesome!

jessica jones pop vinyl from i want one of those
Jessica Jones Pop Vinyl, £10.99

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