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Jenson’s first book review with Macmillan and Campbell Books

Everyone might say that Jenson looks just like his dad but he definitely takes after me when it comes to our love of books. He’s such a bookworm and his collection already rivals mine. I love that he’ll sit in his book corner and flip through them on his own or bring one over to me and crawl into my lap to read together. People might say that children are growing up with too much technology and, sure, Jenson can swipe notifications on my phone and play some mobile games already but he also loves a proper book; specifically a sturdy board book with noises and/or touchy feely bits.

Macmillan Children’s Books got in touch the other day to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing a selection of books with Jenson. I don’t think we’ve been offered a more perfect review post for this blog! I jumped at the chance and was swiftly sent a selection of new releases from Campbell Books and a fun book bag. Jenson loves bags (again, like his mum!) so it was a great addition.

book reviews with jenson

We were sent The London Noisy Tube, Sea Creatures, Night Animals, Colours and Animals; a great combination of sounds, colour, bumpy bits and interactivity.

jenson reviews macmillan campbell books

The London Noisy Tube has a button which says ‘mind the gap’ which, of course, Jenson loves pressing over and over again. The Emily Bolam-illustrated Colours and Animals books are super colourful and engaging. Jenson loves any opportunity to show off his animal noises and is picking up new words all the time so these are great fun. The Night Animals and Sea Creatures books are my favourites to read with him because there’s a lot more for him to do. There are various push, pull and slide elements to discover more and, as he gets older, there are fun little games for him too, including finding and counting certain animals. We’ve already got the Jungle Book one, which he loves, and I’ve just discovered they do a dinosaur one too, so we’re going to have to get that. Jenson loves dinosaurs and making dinosaur noises.

jenson reviews macmillan campbell books

My favourite thing about the push and pull books is that they’ve already taught Jenson so much. He’s a very inquisitive but stubborn child and when he can’t figure something out he’ll often throw the toy/book on the floor and do a little whinge (much like his dad when something doesn’t work properly!). These books have taught him patience and perseverance. Now he can work all of the little bits and he’s so proud of himself when he does it. He raises his arms and says ‘yay’. So cute!

jenson reviews macmillan campbell books

Sidebar: I’m totally not sorry that I didn’t tidy our living room before taking these photos. Have you ever tried tidying with a toddler in the room? Much easier to wait til he’s gone to bed!

*We received these books for review purposes but all thoughts are our own.

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