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Saturday Share #85

My round up of blogosphere faves this week includes girl bossing, blog admin, a Cornish bucket list and all of the chocolate recipes!

saturday share_blue

Every time someone mentions Girlboss I’m more tempted to read it. Must add it to the list.

I’m thinking about creating a newsletter when I rebrand/relaunch in a couple of months so Holly’s post on getting more people to sign up to your mailing list is really useful. As is Lauren’s post on monthly blog tasks. I’m so bad at blog admin.

Cathryn posts the best recipes! Have you seen her Easter chocolate cake and Valentine’s truffle cookies?

Anna’s Cornish bucket list has given me so much inspiration. I’m already looking forward to the summer.

Becky’s bullet journal is one of my faves I’ve seen so far. Look how neat and tidy!

I’ve actually started going through my bookmarked links of blogs to check out and have already noted a few faves to share with you. I want to make it a full blog post though so look out for that coming soon.

ONE DAY LEFT TO WIN! I’d love it if you could take five minutes to complete my reader survey. You’ll even be entered into a giveaway!

1 thought on “Saturday Share #85”

  1. Thank you so much for including me in your round-up! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post + I’ll definely be checking out some of the other links :)

    Becky xo

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