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Saturday Share #85

My round up of blogosphere faves this week includes girl bossing, blog admin, a Cornish bucket list and all of the chocolate recipes! Every time someone mentions Girlboss I'm more tempted to read it. Must add it to the list. I'm thinking about creating a newsletter when I rebrand/relaunch in a couple of months so… Continue reading Saturday Share #85

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Saturday Share #82

It's been a busy week. Not one with a lot on, just one of those weeks which seems to have gone by really quickly and where you feel like you haven't really done anything. Fortunately my book reviews were scheduled ahead of time but I kept falling asleep when Jenson did and didn't post a… Continue reading Saturday Share #82

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Saturday Share #63

This week is all about living the hygge life, swooning over blogger events and growing your blog. Plus the usual zillion books I've added to my wish list! Stationery It's that time of the year again - back to school supplies! I'm loving these wish lists from Charlotte and Claire Books I've long been fascinated… Continue reading Saturday Share #63

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Follow Friday #33

I started the week so well with catching up on Bloglovin, dedicating a whole day's worth of baby naps to reading other blogs and putting together this post. Then Jenson decided to start cutting down on his naps and had two half hour naps. The fuck?! Anyhoo, these are the beauties that made the cut… Continue reading Follow Friday #33

tried and tested: chocolate cake

Tried and tested: Chocolate birthday cake

I mentioned last week that I made the boyfriend a birthday cake and if you've read a few of my posts you'll know that I'm not the best baker. When I make chocolate chip cookies they always seem to spread out and become a massive tray of burnt mess and when I attempt cakes they… Continue reading Tried and tested: Chocolate birthday cake