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Self-Care Sunday #2 with Mental Movement

Self-Care Sunday is a new blog series where I’ll be sharing my weekly self-care tips. The idea started as a way to take some time for myself at least once each week (rather than sporadically) but I hope that sharing them will encourage others to do the same – especially stressed out working mums! Half an hour can make all the difference.

Holy crap, you guys, I actually found some time to read a magazine at home rather than on the bus! After attempting an early night earlier in the week and having it interrupted by an unsettled toddler, I used some of my Friday morning lie-in time to catch up on this fab zine.

self-care sunday with mental movement

I first came across Mental Movement way before Christmas and cheekily requested a review copy. The lovely folk happily obliged and I’m pleased to report that it’s an awesome zine and I will happily pay for future copies. In fact, I encourage you to do the same.

self-care sunday with mental movement

Mental Movement started out as a blog back in 2016, founded by two incredible young women who wanted to raise awareness of just how shit the mental health sector is. The zine was born from this blog and the stories that so many inspiring people have decided to share. It’s published independently and has no funding whatsoever. It’s amazing what you can produce with a bit of love and hard work.

The first issue of the zine is so impressive. Co-founders Emma and Stephanie have brought together a fantastic team who have produced some really informative and engaging content, ranging from book reviews and interviews to fitness tips and recipes, including a feature by a brave young woman who has opened up about what it’s like to be sectioned three times and an article on the power of de-cluttering, something I really need to work on myself.

Mental Movement

Mental Movement

What drew me in initially was the interview with Gemma Correll but the entire publication is worthy of note. Its aim is clear: ‘to inspire and encourage people dealing with mental health problems’. It’s that simple.

To get a copy of the zine yourself, all you need to do is make a donation to support the movement. The site is visited by over 12,000 a month, so it’s a worthwhile cause. The team would love to see a copy in every clinic, surgery, school and university around the country. Help make this a reality!

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