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Self-Care Sunday #11

I'm just coming off 11 days off work in a row and some of the simplest pleasures and relaxing moments have been just getting out in the sun with the boys. Whether playing in the park, grabbing an ice cream or going for a walk and collecting leaves, it's been great to just be outside.… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #11

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When you want to help someone but can’t find the words…

Seeing someone you love struggling with their mental health is heart-breaking. You want them to know that you're there for them but it can be hard to figure out how to put it into words. Thanks to Geek Magnifique's Mel, you can let them know with a simple yet beautiful card*. Mel is that rare… Continue reading When you want to help someone but can’t find the words…

self care starter kit from blurt foundation
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Self-Care Sunday #10

Way back in August 2016 I signed up to the Blurt Foundation newsletter. They sent me a self-care starter kit which I flagged to read through at a later date - that later date ended up being earlier this week! It's such a great document to have to hand whenever you need it. It covers… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #10

blueberry and lemon pancakes
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Self-Care Sunday #9

On Friday I did a pretty good job of slowing down and looking after myself. I had my first lie-in in weeks because Jenson's gymnastics session isn't on over Easter (sidebar: why do most playgroups stop in the holidays?!), I had a long shower and made blueberry and lemon pancakes for brunch. After Jenson's lunch… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #9

daily self-care tips for new mums
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Simple daily self-care tips for new mums

As a first-time mum I can vouch for the fact nothing can prepare you for how hard motherhood is. That's not to say that I regret it for a single second but it's easy to lose touch with who you were pre-baby. When my maternity leave ended I went back to work part-time. On top… Continue reading Simple daily self-care tips for new mums

Jenson being hilarious
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Self-Care Sunday #7

It's true what they say, laughter is the best medicine. My favourite sound in the world is Jenson's laughter and I was creased up watching him the other day. He likes to 'hide' in my mum's conservatory and this week he realised that it's hilarious to press his nose and tongue up against the glass… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #7

this is us
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Self-Care Sunday #6

Something I really look forward to each week is catching up on the latest episode of This Is Us. Because it's so emotional I like to watch it on my own with no interruptions from the boys, so I tend to catch up in bed with peace and quiet. I really do recommend having a… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #6

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Self-Care Sunday #5

Thursdays are normally a rush. I've just finished my working week (#sorrynotsorry) so I'm super-tired as it is and I generally have just under an hour to get Jenson ready for swimming. It's not worth waking him earlier - have you ever woken a toddler? Ugh! In that time we both get dressed, have breakfast… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #5

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Self-Care Sunday #4

If feeling poorly this week has proved anything it's that you should sleep when you need to. Sounds simple, right? But when our lives are so busy (I'm trying to balance a job, this blog, family life and some half-arsed attempt at a social life), sleep can fall down the list of priorities. There are… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #4

self care sunday mental movement review
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Self-Care Sunday #2 with Mental Movement

Self-Care Sunday is a new blog series where I'll be sharing my weekly self-care tips. The idea started as a way to take some time for myself at least once each week (rather than sporadically) but I hope that sharing them will encourage others to do the same - especially stressed out working mums! Half… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #2 with Mental Movement