Saturday Share #88

It’s definitely a mixed bag of fave posts this week, including blogging tips, opening up about mental health, graphic novel recommendations and travel guides.

saturday share_blue

I’m planning on redesigning/relaunching my blog by the end of the month (eek!) and I’ve found so many helpful posts this week on growing your blog and social media. I’m hoping that my changes will encourage me to work on growing my engagement, both on this blog and with others, so all tips are greatly appreciated. I’ve loved Becky’s posts on Instagram hashtags and success, competition and comparison. And I share a post of Cathryn’s pretty much every week but this time it isn’t a recipe – she’s blogged about how she doubled her monthly page views. Of course, sometimes we need a break from these kinds of posts and to just take some time to focus on creating content that we love. That’s where Tink’s blogger rebellion comes in.

I’ve also been inspired by brave mental health bloggers. Mel shared her answers to a recent Q&A session and Hannah bravely opened up about her eating disorder. Hopefully such blog posts will help destroy the stigma surrounding mental health and support others in their journeys.

My TBR list just keeps on growing and after reading more about Paper Girls I’m determined to bump it up the list.

My wanderlust keeps growing every week too. Right now I’m keen to head to Copenhagen. Look how pretty!

What have you loved reading this week? Who are your current fave bloggers? I’ll be sharing more new faves next week.

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