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International Women’s Day 2017: Bloggers who inspire me

For previous International Women’s Days I’ve blogged about the women who have inspired me but today I wanted to talk about the bloggers who inspire me. You may have already heard of some of these (I share a lot of their posts on Saturdays) but some of them might be new to you. Do check them out because they’re bleddy awesome (just click on their logos). They’re in alphabetical order to avoid favouritism!


My lovely friend Yaz established this blog as a place to share joy – such a great mission statement! I used to write film and book reviews for the blog way back when. Since then it has been shortlisted for a UK Blog Award! I’m so proud of her and continue to be inspired by the ideas behind its inception.

a branch of holly

I love Holly! I’m constantly pinning her posts and taking on her advice regarding social media and blogging. She not only makes me want to be a better blogger but she makes me believe that it’s possible.

another feminist killjoy

I know I mentioned this blog the other day but it’s not like I need an excuse to shout out to awesome feminist blogs!


You’ve all heard of Jemma, right? She’s freakin’ aces! She set up The Girl Gang, which is such a fantastic blogging community, and she’s such a relatable blogger and talented illustrator. I’ve also just started listening to her podcasts and she’s becoming my new girl crush.

geek magnifique

Mel is a geek after my own heart and blogs openly about her ongoing battles with mental health. She’s an inspiration as she’s come so far in the last year. I’m also super jealous that she’s met Holly Bourne!

kirsty leanne

Kirsty Leanne posts such relatable content and her Instagram feed is so beautiful. She inspires me to up my photography game.

life unexpected

Chloe is a massive inspiration to me as she’s a fellow Cornish blogger and she gets to do it full-time. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t an awful lot of opportunities down here but she makes me believe that my dreams are achievable. And I love that she’s championing mumpreneurs.

little paper swans

Cathryn’s recipe and meal planning posts make me want to be more organised and try new things. I’m forever pinning her recipe posts – and the best thing is they actually look do-able (even for little ol’ me) and don’t feature a weird concoction of random ingredients. I love something that’s achievable.


Chloe is incredible. Not only does she blog alongside a full-time job but she also runs That Lame Company. If you’ve seen the work that goes into just one of her subscription boxes, especially at Christmas time, you’ll find her an inspiration too.

more about catCat’s blog was the first one I came across after launching this blog which combined lifestyle with geekery – I didn’t realise you could do such a thing and was inspired to combine all of my favourite things, regardless of how niche and nerdy, on this blog. She’s also aces for comic recommendations!

queens of constance

Constance makes me want to be a more open and honest blogger – I love her no-holds-barred, no bullshit attitude. I need her book in my life! You can currently get free shipping to the UK, making it a pretty perfect Mother’s Day gift. #justsaying


Sally’s weekly Wonderful Wednesday posts inspire me to see the beauty in the little things and be more grateful for simple pleasures. She always finds so much to be happy about and it inspires me to see more good in the world.

So, any blogs there that are new to you? Let me know what you think. And do let me know which bloggers inspire you.

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