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Book review: Like a Queen by Constance Hall

I'm not normally one for reading non-fiction, preferring instead to lose myself in an imaginary world. But I'm such a huge fan Constance Hall and her hilariously relatable blog that I just had to read her book. My friend, Sophie, was quick to order Like a Queen as soon as it was released in Australia… Continue reading Book review: Like a Queen by Constance Hall

bloggers who inspire me
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International Women’s Day 2017: Bloggers who inspire me

For previous International Women's Days I've blogged about the women who have inspired me but today I wanted to talk about the bloggers who inspire me. You may have already heard of some of these (I share a lot of their posts on Saturdays) but some of them might be new to you. Do check… Continue reading International Women’s Day 2017: Bloggers who inspire me

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Saturday Share #62

For some reason I haven't bookmarked as many links as usual this week. I'm not sure if it's because my favourite bloggers are off out having a life and enjoying their summer or if my Bloglovin' feed isn't updating properly. Anyhoo, here are my fave posts from this week. Enjoy! Books BuzzFeed have shared some… Continue reading Saturday Share #62

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Saturday Share #61

This week's top reads have encouraged me to pick up a new book, let go of my body worries (for, like, a minute!) and try new foods with Jenson. Check 'em out. Blogging Bee's creative prompts are great food for thought for tomorrow's post on inspiration and plagiarism in the blogosphere Loads of bloggers have… Continue reading Saturday Share #61