Pens for days: Brush pens

One of my most popular blog posts of all time is my collection of bullet journal reviews: find the right bullet journal for you. As a lettering newbie, I find it so useful to find reviews of various pens, so I thought I’d bring all of my pen reviews together in one place too. I’m starting with my brush pens and will do another specifically on calligraphy and dip pens, one on fountain pens, and another featuring swatches of my favourite fineliners. I might even do one on highlighters – is that getting too specific/nerdy?

Here’s the first edition of my brush pen collection. As with my bujo post, this will be updated as I add more reviews to this wonderfully nerdy blog. I’m starting with Staedtler, Stabilo, Pentel, and Spectrum Noir, and will soon be adding the likes of Tombow, Zebra, and Ecoline.


Staedtler brush pens

First reviewed 30 April 2019 and again 16 July 2019.

I love the colour range of these pens and they’re fun to blend – I really enjoyed using them for autumnal lettering projects.

Staedtler brush pens

Lettering practice

Buy a pack of 12 for £7.99 from Cult Pens


Spectrum Noir Metallics

First reviewed 26 May 2019.

These pens are so flexible and I started to see improvements in my technique when I first used these; it was the first time I was actually proud of a lettering project.

Spectrum Noir Metallic brush pens

Buy a pack of 6 for £18.99 from Craft Stash


Stabilo Pen 68 brush pens

First reviewed 17 October 2019.

The Stabilo Pen 68s are one of my favourite pens and I love the new brush pens. They’re so flexible and a joy to write with.
Stabilo Pen 68 brush pens

Stabilo Pen 68 brush pen review and giveaway

Buy individual pens for £1.80 or a pack of 8 for £12.95 at Cult Pens


Pentel Touch Brush Sign pens

First reviewed 24 October 2019.

These are currently my favourite pens to letter with. The nib is easier to control and the colours blend so nicely.

Pentel Touch Sign brush pens

Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen review

Buy individual pens for £2.66 (3 for 2) or a pack of 12 for £21.45 from Cult Pens


More reviews coming soon.

Which pens are your favourite?

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