Saturday Share #92

When I come to pull together my Saturday Share posts I’m reminded of how eclectic the range of blogs I follow are. I get something different from all of them – recommended reading, mental health, travel, stationery, recipes… Read on for this week’s faves.

saturday share

You’re never too old for Easter eggs – or Kinder Surprises. Treat yourself and have a crack at this giant Kinder Surprise egg.

There are so many beautiful places I want to visit. This week’s additions to the list is St Lucia.

If you’re new to bullet journalling, or thinking about starting, check out Gwennan’s list of resources. So many great tips and ideas.

Ali shared a fantastic Q&A on living with autism for Autism Awareness Week.

I plan to increase my non-fiction reading this year an Hayley has some great recommendations.

I would have loved to have gone to Blog Con the other day. Fortunately Kirsty Leanne has written a post on the workshop she led, so it’s almost like being there! Want to know more about reaching out to brands? Check it out – there’s a printable and everything!

My favourite post of the week comes from Molly, a blogger I’m falling more in love with every week! It’s all about how it’s cool to be ‘normal’ – a much-needed confidence boost.

Which bloggers have you fallen for recently?

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