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The Unmumsy Mum, painting rabbits and Blogosphere Awards #LittleLoves

This is going to sound incredibly British but what the eff has the weather been like this week?! Last weekend was gorgeous then this week it went to shit and I’ve been caught in hail storms. FYI, hailstones in your bra – not fun! But, as always, there’s been plenty to love too.

Read: I borrowed The Unmumsy Mum (the first one, not the diary) from Dom and I bleddy loved it! I hadn’t read her blog before the book came out and now I love her! I think I found it even more relatable than Like A Queen and it was frickin’ hilarious. I caught myself smiling knowingly a lot, reassured that I’m one of many to call my kid a dick, and nearly LOLed a few times on the bus. More required reading for all you new mums!

the unmumsy mum book

Watched: I’ve had a busy week at work, full of meetings with not a lot of time to get actual work done, and most of my Wednesday was spent on a panel watching presentations. Not just any old presentations – they were given by people who have applied to be our new CEO! It’s a rather daunting time – keep your fingers crossed for no immediate staff restructures!

Heard: I went from iPhone to Samsung about 18 months ago and because all of my Taylor Swift music is linked to my iTunes I can’t listen to her on the bus anymore! When someone put a Tay-Tay playlist on in the office the other day it made me feel all kinds of happy. I miss that girl.

Made: I took Jenson back to The Craft Box yesterday to paint a rabbit as part of their new storytime sessions. I’m going to do a full post on it in the next couple of weeks but here’s a picture of him painting for the first time (the brush only went in his mouth two or three times!). We’re picking up the finished rabbit later today so keep an eye on my Instagram for the little cutie.

jenson at the craft box storytime

Wore: I’ve come home from work so soaked this week that my boots have still been wet the next morning. Joy. It has, however, been the perfect excuse to change straight into my PJs! So rock and roll.

And lastly: I finally got round to nominating my fave bloggers for a Blogosphere Award. You know me, these things require lists and careful planning, so rather than trying to recall all of my faves off the top of my head, I painstakingly went through my entire Bloglovin feed (367 – updated after I unfollowed bloggers who have stopped posting). I nominated people for every category except beauty and fitness (because, well, duh!) and, I shit you not, it took me a good hour! Anyhoo, if you want to potentially change a blogger’s life, nominations are open until 8 April and you can do so here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned. We’re off to soft play and a farm, plus I’m finally going to see Beauty and the Beast!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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