Saturday Share #93

From enjoying being in my late 20s to learning to slow down, I’ve been inspired by plenty of bloggers again this week.

saturday share

There seems to be a panic amongst people my age about The Big 3-0 looming on the horizon. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit terrified of reaching it later this year. It seems like such a big deal! But it doesn’t have to be. I loved Rebecca’s recent post about the best things about being in your late 20s.

Every week I start dreaming of new exotic places. This week I’ve added Lille to the list and dreamt some more about the Harry Potter Studio Tour and Berlin. Is it just me or is Berlin the place to go at the moment?

Following my blog redesign, next on my blog admin list is a media kit. I’m hoping to make some time to work on this after National Stationery Week.

Are you following Polka Spots and Freckle Dots yet? I love Louise’s Sunday Favourites and Wednesday Wish List posts.

Stevie and her boys were sent the coolest package from Disney in anticipation of the new Guardians of the Galaxy film. I can’t wait and the merch is looking awesome too!

My favourite post this week comes from Sophie Cliff and is on trying to slow down. I made a really decent attempt at it yesterday – more on that in tomorrow’s self-care post.

Have you read any especially inspiring or relatable posts this week?

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