Book review: Spandex and the City by Jenny T. Colgan

I like to think I’m pretty widely read. My Goodreads Challenge for the year so far includes a range of children’s books (Roald Dahl – I’m not ‘cheating’ and including the books I read with Jenson), young adult, thrillers, autobiographies and poetry – surprisingly there’s no chick lit and just one comic book thus far. Enter Spandex and the City*.

spandex and the city cover

If Sex and the City was set in Metropolis, you’d get Jenny T. Colgan’s Spandex and the City. Out for a drink with her bestie one night, twenty-something PR girl Holly finds herself face to face with the city’s current Big Bad. When she’s saved by Ultimate Man (don’t worry, he knows his name and his costume is lame), it soon turns into something of an accidental habit and she becomes a pawn in Big Bad’s game with our hero.

Spandex and the City is a weird mesh of two different stories. The first half is all single gal, unlucky in love, falling for a guy she can never have (dating a superhero is so inconvenient) but in the second half, once we get to know our Big Bad (aka Frederick Cecil), it gets a bit preachy and makes you consider the impact of technology and the internet on our generation.

It made a nice change to read my first chick lit of the year – and I definitely don’t use the term chick lit in a derogatory way. I mean chick lit in its purest sense – a book by women for women with a romantic relationship as the central plot. Generally they’re also an easy read – something you don’t need to think about too much, quite light-hearted and something you can devour quickly. Spandex and the City is definitely fun chick lit and I recommend it as a holiday read.

Spandex and the City is available to buy now.

spandex and the city blog tour poster

* I received a review copy of this title but all opinions are my own

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