Saturday Share #98

What a week for blogging. I managed to check into the Blogosphere chat again, saw the reveal of the latest cover star (another name I’d never heard of – can I even call myself a blogger?!) and Twitter soon revealed the topic of blogger controversy for the week: scheduled tweets in the wake of the awful attack in Manchester. It’s like bloggers always need an excuse to criticise each other and it’s a constant case of one-upmanship. I much prefer to celebrate my fellow bloggers, so here’s this week’s rundown of favourite posts.

saturday share

It’s been hard to know what to say this week but I think Michelle did a great job with her Wonderful Wednesday post.

I found Alice’s post on engagement being more important than stats really interesting. I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic brands over the years and have always been quick to disclose my somewhat small following when pitching ideas but, for the most part, brands seem to like being able to reach a more targeted and engaged audience. And having blogged for well over a decade now, I found a lot to relate to in Gillian’s post on old-school blogging.

I always assumed Menorca was just a cliched tourist trap but this week I found out just how beautiful it is.

So many people don’t share their mental health problems with others because they don’t think their problems are big enough or worry about it being an invisible illness. Rebecca’s post on it being ok if your mental health not looking like everyone else’s is a great reminder that we all cope differently.

I really hope you’re all registered to vote by now and that you’ve been doing your research on who best represents your views. Normally I’m all for encouraging you to vote rather than trying to encourage you to vote for a particular party but I really loved Emmie’s post on why she’s voting for Labour.

What have you read and loved this week?

2 thoughts on “Saturday Share #98”

  1. thanks for sharing, I hadn’t read Emmie’s post yet but how fantastic was that?? It’s great to hear people talking about this stuff, especially when the works is such a very weird and divided place at the moment. The more we can do to communicate well with eachother well, the better.
    M x Life Outside London

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