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The Next Together, Peppa Pig and annual leave #LittleLoves

What a week! For the last few days I’ve felt like it’s not my place (and my blog is not the platform) to comment on the tragic events in Manchester but it has been on my mind a lot. It has certainly made me cherish the little moments with Jenson more.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to this week.

Read: The Next Together by Lauren James. This was another recent win which I’d vaguely heard about. Over the course of a few hundred years, Kate and Matt continue to meet, fall in love and die tragically, before finding each other again. But why?

I powered through all but the last 50 pages on the bus in one day and had to have an early night so I could finish it; I was hooked. It was a bit Hawkman meets A Life Less Ordinary – and I loved it! And I was so pleased to find out at the back of the book that there’s a sequel. I feel an Amazon order coming on…

the next together by lauren james

I’ve also decided to take part in Stasia’s Read Women Month in June – it’s not much of a stretch for me as 90% of the books I read are by women but I’m looking forward to the Instagram challenge too. Follow me at @emslf to see how I get on and discover more books by women.

read women month

Watched: Peppa Pig. A lot of Peppa Pig. Jenson has become especially interested in it the last couple of weeks, with Dory on the TV and Peppa Pig videos on my phone – the boy likes to multitask. It’s surprisingly helped enhance his vocabulary too.

Heard: The next three entries are based on an awards ceremony I went to last night. It’s something I’ve been working towards for months, my favourite night of the year and the best part of my job. The two choirs performed and were incredible. The first covered Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You (Jenson’s favourite song) and the second did a goosebump-inducing rendition of Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek. Truly awesome.

Made: a lot of people happy. We presented 26 awards to students to recognise and celebrate their incredible achievements over the last year and it really is the highlight of my job. I love the more student-facing aspects and to see students who I’ve worked with closely gain that kind of recognition gives me a massive case of the warm and fuzzies. It’s almost a shame to see them graduate.

Wore: my hair down – and realised just how long it has gotten; I could almost do an Alanis Morissette! I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun most days since Jenson was born and haven’t had it cut in over a year. It was only when I made the effort to blow dry and straighten it for the awards (it’s a formal occasion!) that I realised just how much of it there is.

And lastly: I’m on annual leave! I’m so excited to be celebrating my nephew’s and Jenson’s birthdays over the next few days – plus tomorrow night me and Luke have our first date night in six months! Loads to look forward to.

How is this kid two in four days?!

jenson park

Have a lovely weekend!

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