Saturday Share #101

I bleddy love reading other blogs – they inspire me as a writer and in my day-to-day life. This week I’ve been inspired to declutter (we’ll see how that goes…), up my Instagram game and head back to Winchester. Here are my favourite posts this week.

saturday share

After so many criticisms of women for breastfeeding in public/beyond a certain age I feel like lately the tables have turned and now we’re criticising bottle feeding mothers. Fed is best! I loved Sadie’s post on why she formula feeds.

I wish I could live a more simple and minimalist life. It would just take so much effort to get it started – and the boy has so many toys and books (not me. I have just the right amount of books. A few more wouldn’t hurt…). I’ve been inspired by Nicola’s post on decluttering and Carrie’s post on simplicity though.

I can totally relate to Lyndsey’s struggle with her child’s favourite TV show – and those unanswered questions. I swear I have more questions about Peppa Pig than I do about Lost!

Gwennan’s post on celebrating the 18-24 year old voter turnout last week was awesome. Of course these things only to serve to remind me of how far away I am from that age bracket now! I’m less than six months away from turning 30! Speaking of dem young ‘uns, I thought Lauren Evie’s post on generation instant gratification was spot on.

So many great blog posts about blogging this week, including Louise’s post on how to up your Instagram game without travelling far and Kate’s post on blogging as a full-time job.

I’ve been wanderlusting over somewhere a bit closer to home this week – Winchester. I did my first year of uni there and would like to go back one day.

What blogs have you loved this week?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Share #101”

  1. What a fun little round up! I’ve seen my younger cousins watching Peppa Pig before…I don’t get it….haha

  2. Thanks for including my blog post! I hope you’re able to get back to Winchester soon. It’s so lovely there.

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