Thirteen Reasons Why, Taylor Swift and the start of summer #LittleLoves

I picked the perfect week for annual leave; the weather has been incredible and it’s been great to just be outside with my boys. Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to this week.

Read: Glamour magazine. Magazines are a luxury item these days – have you seen how expensive they are? Gone are the days where I used to buy close to a dozen magazines a month. Now the only one I buy every issue is Blogosphere (but the new issue sold out immediately and I let my subscription expire cos I’m poor and my local WH Smith has stopped stocking it and waaaaah!) but I bought a copy of Glamour this week. I didn’t have a book on me and my phone died just before an hour-long bus journey so I caved and forked out a whole pound. That’s right, Glamour is £1 per issue – perfect for emergency reading. And I was surprised by how much of it I actually read rather than flipped through, as I’ve found women’s lifestyle mags somewhat lacking in recent years. I’ll definitely consider picking it up again.

glamour magazine

Watched: Thirteen Reasons Why. I finally finished it and oh. My. God. Once I got to the party episode I whizzed through to the ending. In fact, I watched the last four episodes back to back on Wednesday night – no mean feat with a two-year-old in the house and sleep is precious. Totally worth it. I might do a separate post on it but for now I’ll say that I side with the creators of the show. I don’t think it glamorizes suicide, I think it was shocking but well handled and it definitely made me reconsider how I treat people. A very powerful and memorable show. Bring on season two!

I watched the Teens React video last night and I recommend giving that a watch too if you’re not in the ‘target age range’.

Heard: Taylor Swift on Spotify. I don’t listen to a lot of music these days; I made the move to Samsung and because all of my music is on iTunes I couldn’t be arsed with making the transfer. But when I heard my girl Tay-Tay is back on Spotify I had to get the ol’ Spotify playlist going. Oh, Tay-Tay, how I’ve missed you.

taylor swift spotify

Made: A Facebook group for stationery addicts. I’m a member of a few blogging groups and a few bujo groups but what I really wanted to see was a group for stationery addicts – where bloggers could share their reviews and giveaways and where fans could share links to bargains and new products. So I created a community which has grown to nearly 200 people in just a few days. If you’re a sucker for a pretty notebook or love a good pen, come and join us.

blogging stationery and prints

Wore: Suncream. Lots of suncream. This week has been amazing and I hope we have loads more days like it over the next few months. I’ve got my summer bucket list ready!

And lastly: This week has rivalled National Stationery Week as my favourite week of the year so far – it’s been so fun and productive. On Monday I went to check out Curiouser Creations, a new Alice in Wonderland-themed cafe. Tuesday was Luke’s birthday and we had brunch at The Front Room (review and giveaway coming in my blogaversary week!) followed by fun in the park with Jenson, ice cream and pizza. On Wednesday I took Jenson to soft play where I was able to catch up with two of my favourite ladies in the world and their gorgeous bundles. Yesterday we had our weekly swimming sesson followed by a meeting with Polgoon to discuss our upcoming blogaversary collaboration (I’m so excited about that week!) and today we’re off on a family day out (again, for the blogaversary) – keep an eye on my social media accounts for updates.

curiouser creations

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and the weather holds out a bit longer.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

6 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons Why, Taylor Swift and the start of summer #LittleLoves”

  1. I keep forgetting Blogosphere magazine! I’ve had it once and really enjoyed it, I must look it up again. I know just what you mean about the expense though, I balk when at the price when I look. I got an Elle subscription for Christmas, so I’ve always got some extra reading material to look forward to.
    Love the idea of an Alice In Wonderland cafe, I think my girls would too! x

  2. I really want to read Blogosphere. You’ve just reminded me to get a subscription to it. Is it worth it? (please say yes!) . I also really want to watch 13 Reasons Why! I’ve heard so many good things about it. It’s next on my must watch list. I’m so excited to see your blogiversary happenings!! Especially what you’re doing with Polgoon. I love their cider. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled. I definitely need to pop up to the Alice In Wonderland Cafe too. That looks A-M-Azing! xx

  3. An Alice in wonderland themed cafe – that sounds all kinds of amazing! I used to be absolutely addicted to magazines, I’d buy a dozen a month easily, but they I moved abroad and they all became about £7/8 each and I had to give up my addiction. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to read them though Readly does a subscription service which I think is about £5 a month and you can read pretty much any UK magazine online each month all in that price, which is pretty great value. I’ve been using it for the last few years as it saves me an absolute fortune – Blogosphere isn’t on there unfortunately though. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  4. An Alice-themed café…amazing!
    That teen reactions video was really interesting, my son is 15 and I think he’s still too young for parts of the series so I’ve asked him not to watch it. It’s a shame because I think there’s a lot in it he could benefit from, but the graphic parts are too much. I don’t disagree with them being graphic though, I think that’s exactly what made it so highly watched and talked about, which is important.

    1. I imagine it’s hard with a child that age because you want to educate them and be able to have an open conversatiom but 15 does seem young and there’s always that urge to protect them. Out of curiosity do you think reading the book might be a better option for younger teens as it’s less graphic but still holds the same messages?

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