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A Monster Calls, Fathers Day and new shoes #LittleLoves

I went back to work this week after an incredible week off and I struggled a bit with the hot weather. I managed to squeeze in some reading though – and some questionable TV last weekend! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

Read: Why did no-one warn me about A Monster Calls when I shared my pretty new book on social media? I read it on the bus on Monday and it nearly destroyed me; it was genuinely the closest I’ve come to sobbing on public transport. But a beautiful book nonetheless.

a monster calls

I also made use of the library at work. Working at a university gives me access to shit loads of books and DVDs, which I rarely check out. I was desperate to read A Handmaid’s Tale before the early episodes leave All 4 and thought I’d see what books were available on marketing and blogging. These should keep me going for a few weeks.

library books

I’m just over halfway through A Handmaid’s Tale and need to try and squeeze in the ending before a Twitter book club on Sunday.

Watched: Don’t judge me but I saw the first new episode of Blind Date on Saturday night. What else is the mother of a two year old to do on a Saturday night?! The ads looked funny and I’ve got a soft spot for Paul O’Grady but he’s no Cilla; I won’t be watching it again. I did watch a doc on Netflix about Back to the Future though and that was fun for my inner film geek. I miss watching film docs; I devoured them as a film student. Now time is so precious that I need to be careful about what I choose to watch – so no more Blind Date!

Back in Time from Gravitas Ventures on Vimeo.

Heard: I caught up on the last two episodes of Hashtag Authentic whilst also catching up on laundry. Seems to be a new trend.

Made: I helped Jenson make Fathers Day cards for his dad and Grandad. He loves them and isn’t happy about Luke keeping his.

fathers day cards

Wore: Now that I’m a parent I rarely buy anything for myself – even clothes. I could do with a spare pair of shorts and some more three-quarter length leggings for the summer but didn’t want to part with the £20 and £10 respectively in Peacocks the other day – but thought nothing of spending my last £20 on a new pair of sandals for Jenson! So when I spotted an actual hole in the bottom of my shoes the other day I begrudgingly went to New Look and picked up these for a tenner.

new shoes

And lastly: It’s Mazey weekend, one of my favourite times of the year in Cornwall. I skipped it the last two years with Jenson but may brave the crowds this year. It all depends on the boy as he’s not great with loads of people and noise… Here’s a look at the day from a couple of years ago so you get the gist. Hopefully I’ll be back with some pics next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

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5 thoughts on “A Monster Calls, Fathers Day and new shoes #LittleLoves”

  1. I completely forgot about The Handmaid’s Tale twitter chat yesterday! Oops.
    Loving the look of the books you’ve checked out, especially the blogging for creatives, you’ll have to let us know if they are worth getting.
    I’m so behind on all my podcasts! Must make some time for a catch up.
    Have a great week xx

    1. It was a great chat – my first book club. It was great to be able to share ideas about the book and I’ll definitely look to do it again.

  2. How great does the Mazey weekend sound! Looks like it could be fun! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead x

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