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Blogosphere, performance poetry and a French pedicure #LittleLoves

Last week completely got away from me and I missed some of the usual blog posts, namely Little Loves and Saturday Share, so prepare for some bumper posts this week! I’ve read a lot in the last fortnight.

Read: Two weeks of bus journeys makes for a hefty reading list. I finished The Handmaid’s Tale in time for the #BookClub140 chat and went on to read Blogosphere Magazine, The Raven Boys, Thirteen Reasons Why and Blogging for Creatives.

blogosphere louise pentland

I was so freaking impressed with the latest issue of Blogosphere. I have every issue and have read each one cover to cover but the Louise Pentland issue really kicked it up a gear, featuring plus-size fashion, over 30s bloggers, mental health and disabilities. Super inclusive and a wide range of content.

thirteen reasons why book

I wanted to read Thirteen Reasons Why before I saw the Netflix show but I had to find out everyone was talking about and did it the ‘wrong’ way round. Some minor spoilers follow so skip this paragraph if you plan to watch the show. As a result I think the book had less of an impact on me – and that’s not to say that I think they switched things up for the show to shock and be purposely graphic and controversial. I think the artistic license they took with the adaptation worked well, especially by not telling it all from Clay and Hannah’s points of view. By focusing more on the supporting characters I don’t think it necessarily justified their actions but it was interesting to give them more of a back story – and see what happened after they played the tapes. The book felt a bit unfinished to me. In the show everyone’s actions had consequences whereas in the book it felt like Clay just passed the tapes on and carried on with his life, although I liked the Skye ending with both. I can imagine how hard-hitting the book was on publication but, having seen the show, I think the addition of parents and more well-rounded supporting characters made it have more an effect on me. Thoughts?

blogging for creatives book

I borrowed Blogging for Creatives from the library at work to see if there were handy tips and tricks but I didn’t find it at all useful. This is probably because it’s five years old and a tad outdated (Pinterest had a page and Instagram just a passing paragraph) but it is definitely a good book for newbie bloggers. If you’re starting out and want some good advice all in one place then I highly recommend this book (it covers different platforms, the technical aspects of uploading a post, social media, analytics, money making, etc) but if you’ve already had a crack at it then I doubt there’s anything new for you here.

Watched: Jenson growing up before my very eyes! He’s become so capable and independent so quickly that I have to remind myself to take a step back just to watch him try things before jumping in to catch him in case he falls.

Heard: Performance poetry. Now I’ve not really had much of an opinion on poetry (performance or otherwise) before but it turns out that once you’ve read/heard the right piece you can really for it. I went to an event at a gallery last night (more on that on Monday) and I was really moved by a reading of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman. I need to read more of her work.

Made: I made myself a mug of Beechams honey and lemon on the way up to the office this evening. Boo. Luke has been nursing a cold all week and now it’s my turn – and Jenson’s. Tomorrow will be fun…

Wore: Nail polish on my toes – for the first time in years. I was treated to a spa day yesterday (more on that next Sunday) and my toes look so shiny!

spa day st ives harbour hotel and spa

And lastly: I am so grateful for the opportunities blogging has brought my way lately. Yesterday was a bleddy lovely day; I had my first ever spa day and went along to a private view at a local gallery. Both experiences will be shared in upcoming posts and it means so much to me to be able to recommend incredible places to visit and champion creative talent.

I hope you have a fun week. I think we’ll be resting up with our germs tomorrow before I go back to work on Monday, followed by Jenson’s hearing test on Wednesday. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a vineyard tour towards the end of the week. Wish me luck!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

5 thoughts on “Blogosphere, performance poetry and a French pedicure #LittleLoves”

  1. I love Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, its a poem I’ve used in my teaching and I always smile when I hear it. I’m impressed by your reading, I sometimes think a commute would be a nice time to catch up on life. The spa day looks lovely, I think I may need to treat myself once the summer holidays have finished with a little me time. Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh I do love a spa trip, and I feel well over due for one! It sounds like your visit was lovely, especially with a private viewing at a gallery afterwards!
    Hope illness did hit too hard over the weekend and that all the pesky germs are gone now xx

  3. I’m really enjoying the Handmaid’s Tale on TV so I must get round to reading the book. I know what you mean about stepping back and letting children try things themselves. I had to stop myself from helping my little boy climb down ladders yesterday, we have to let them learn don’t we. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x

  4. [ Smiles ] You read, “Blogging for Creatives”, listened to poetry from the late Dr. Maya Angelou and you also made the time to attend a spa.

    You really know how to multitask!

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