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Jenson: 25 months old

I don’t want to be one of those parents who says ‘my son is 25 months old’ instead of ‘my son is two’ but it makes it easier for these monthly update posts. I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep them up for but when he’s still changing month by month it makes for a somewhat interesting read and something nice for us to look back on when he’s older.

jenson 25 months old

So, since the last update we’ve had Jenson’s two-year check with the Health Visitor. I psyched myself up for a lot of judgement and condescension when we went in but she was really lovely. There was no judgement or disapproval when I said we started co-sleeping about nine months ago and she just said to let them know if we want help to move him into his own room. I never intended to co-sleep but it made life easier when he was settling in to the new house and I’m happy for him to take a lead on it and decide when he’s ready to spend the night in his own bed. He’s managed a couple of nights in there but he’s normally in our bed by 2am.

The review is based mainly on a questionnaire you fill out beforehand so they know what your child is capable of. We picked up on a couple of concerns, mainly that the kid is so damn fearless and likes to throw himself off things, but also his speech. I’ve been doing that age-old thing of comparing my child to others (I know, I hate me too) and his friends’ speech seems so much more developed. Some can count to eight and can string words into sentences whereas Jenson uses one or two words at a time. I requested a hearing test pre-review to see if it’s hearing related so we’re going to have a follow-up appointment once we’ve been to the referal. Since then he’s been coming out with new words on a daily basis and his Peppa Pig picture book seems to have really helped. I’m sure he’s just doing everything in his own time but it doesn’t hurt to check.

jenson 25 months old

One of my favourite things about him continues to be how freaking affectionate he is – and not just with us. He feeds, kisses, cuddles and strokes his toys, offering them water, snacks and stroking their heads. He was so excited to get new Peppa and George Pig toys with his birthday money – it was the cutest thing.

We’ve also decided what nursery we’d like him to go to. We were planning on going back to the nursery we tried last year but another one re-opened up the road from us and my friend said her kid loves it there so we had to check it out. The tour was so impressive and Jenson didn’t want to leave – surely a good sign! So we’re going to try two mornings a week in September. I still feel funny about it because with us both working part-time we don’t need to put him in nursery and I love hanging out with him but I know he’ll benefit from it.

jenson 25 months old

I have seen so many changes in him lately, especially with how independent and capable he has become at soft play and the park. He’s climbing frames by himself and (finally!) instead of standing at the top of a slide and jumping off he’s sitting down and pushing off by himself. One of my favourite things is the way he has to say hi to all the rocking horses at soft play and stroke their noses. We need to go back to a petting zoo.

Even now, more than two years after he was born, I still find myself staring at him in wonder, amazed that I could create such an awesome little boy. I wonder how long that takes to wear off?

1 thought on “Jenson: 25 months old”

  1. I like the way that you that you are maintaining your blogs. I follow your blog since you have started your blog. Love to see Jenson getting 2 years old. It’s hard to believe he is growing up so fast. I still remember Jenson’s past memories.

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