Saturday Share #104

The blogosphere always has something new and wonderful to offer. This week it’s all about being kinder, watching life-changing films, baking cakes and realising our parents have more exciting lives than us! Grab a brew, settle down and enjoy.

saturday share

Something I believe in really strongly is the need to be kinder, especially to ourselves.

As a former film geek (I really wish I had time to keep up with new releases!), I love reading about the films that changed people’s lives.

I had no idea Cambridge was so beautiful! I’m a sucker for pretty buildings.

I blogged before about how much I love taking part in swaps and have just signed up to a notebook and pen swap! You’ve still got a few days to sign up yourself.

This week I’m all about that cake, especially Alice and Helen‘s recipes. Check out these bad boys!

Looking for your weekly bujo porn? Jocelyn has got you covered with some epic Instagram accounts you need to follow.

I’ve loved reading Amber and Hannah’s pregnancy updates, particular Amber’s post on body image and identity and HG keeping it real, as per.

The most relatable post I came across this week was Listte’s post on being more boring than our parents. I don’t know about you but my parents have a much more active social life than I do!

Have you read any inspiring or relatable blogs this week?

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