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The Happy Newspaper, Maya Angelou and Game of Thrones #LittleLoves

I missed last week’s Little Loves because I was busy hosting nine days(!) of giveaways to celebrate my fifth blogaversary, like ya do! There’s sill a few live if you want to check them out (spend a day on the river, non-alcoholic goodies from Polgoon and a meal for two at the Rock Pool Cafe). Here’s a little look at the last couple of weeks.

Read: The Happy News. The long-awaited sixth issue dropped through my letterbox and it was definitely worth the wait. I love everything Emily Coxhead does but this paper really is a much-needed ray of sunshine. It’s so beautifully designed and illustrated and the stories give me the warm and fuzzies.

the happy news by emily coxhead

I also had one of the best days ever the other day. Having heard/read Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman for the first time I wanted to find more of her work. A quick Google revealed that she had a pretty fascinating life and wrote a six-part autobiography series. I wanted to read it but couldn’t afford to just go out and buy it so I thought I’d see if I could request a copy at the library at work. Not only did they get them in for me but I get to keep them! I was a very happy bookworm. So far I’ve read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and I’m halfway through Gather Together in My Name – damn good stuff!

maya angelou autobiography series

Watched: Game of Thrones! So far Jenson has been pretty compliant with his bed time so we’ve been able to watch the new episodes before having them spoiled. I must say I’m so freaking impressed with the sheer volume of bad-ass women!

game of thrones season 7
Image via

Heard: Jenson laughing hysterically at various TV shows and films, namely Wanda and the Alien and Minions. Although Peppa Pig still reigns supreme in our house, it seems the Minions have had a bit of a revival.

Made: Nachos! I really fancied some the other day and bought a bag of tortilla chips and the various dips from Co-op – and added a shit load of cheese and some sliced smoked sausage. Yummers!


Wore: I haven’t bought any new clothes in forever! I’m still wearing the same granny pants I’ve had since Jenson was born (ssh!). But there’s a 25% off Tu clothing week on the horizon so I might have a cheeky browse, although I’ll most likely just end up buying stuff for Jenson!

And lastly: There’s nothing like working at a university to make you feel old. This week’s graduation reminded me that my own was eight years ago and planning for Freshers reminds me that I was a Fresher nearly 11 years ago! I’ll be 30 in a few months and I still can’t quite fathom it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Luke has the weekend off work so hopefully we can have some extra fun family time.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

4 thoughts on “The Happy Newspaper, Maya Angelou and Game of Thrones #LittleLoves”

  1. Maya Angelou is the phenomenal woman, such a talented writer, what a treat to be reading her work. We saw Despicable Ne 3 this week so lots of minion play here too and lots of bananas! Have a great week #littleloved

  2. Its always the way isn’t it? need new clothes but end up getting them for the kids instead! Definitely need to treat yourself every now and then! I must be the only person not to be watching GOT, just cannot get into it! Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  3. Oh Maya Angelou is so inspirational, her life outside her literary works was outstanding. Good tip for TU clothes, make sure you treat you to some Yummy Mummy wear!

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